Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favourite fragrances

I don't actually think i can make a review on perfumes so i'll just post the name and pic of some current favourites and inspire you to go for a sniff.

Random order:

 Hermes-Eau des merveillesssss
 Lolita Lempicka-Si lolita
 Yves rocher-So elixir

Yves Rocher-Vanille noir

Friday, January 13, 2012

L'oreal LumiMagique line

Looking forward to trying this new range of L'oreal which i think it will be my basic kit for spare time and going out...or who knows, maybe on daily basis if it matches my skin and lasts a moderate amount of time on, because during week i need long lasting makeup - crazy schedule-proof! :P

Anyhow, it looks great, foundation comes in lots of light shades (porcelain rose, rose linen?, porcelain pearl -something like this) and it may be that something i was looking for in a long time!

Already seen in  my city and february is my lucky month :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Astor quattro eyeshadow

 ...are these beautiful or what?

I was mesmerized...and then...dismesmerized :P  It's so important what u use under the eyeshadows that u can completely dis a certain brand only by using a bad primer/foundation/base and not be accurate about it. I, for example was using at the time i bought this Astor quad, Bourjois healthy mix foundation. Since i'm not a huge fan of wearing eyeshadows i didn't use any base, except the foundation. The result: a mess! No resistance, no color, no nothing. But they are really nice!

Bourjois blush

 Too much Bourjois lately?
I really wanted a blush that gives that smooth and radiant look and i thought this might help me. But no, it seems like it's an ordinary blush, very soft, but very subtle in the same time. If u want not to worry about 'excessive blushing' this is for you. U can't put too much on. The color range is wide, but most of them are golden based. I looked for a peachy toned, actually and ended buying this golden pink. On top of foundation looks just like any plain pink blush. I will try next time some sephora brand i tried recently (new collection, a glowy peach, not the simple sephora blushes). Coming soon...

Bourjois Smokey eyes trio eyeshadow

 Bourjois launched last year this collection of trio eyeshadows which in my opinion is a very good deal. The range isn't very large, but the colours they chose are responding to any wish, for all eye colours.
 The eyeshadows are pearly, soft, pigmented, bright, natural, wearable during day or night.
I think the idea of this range is very smart, since there arent so many drugstore brands that offer this level of quality for a good price.

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