Monday, December 31, 2012

Bright Happy New Year!

 I chose the shades 3 and 5. I can't pull off pink anymore and the shade 5 is too orangey, i wanted a bright, beautiful red and i didn't nail it... but i love the texture and i would wear them all day if i'd pick the right colors for me...for the red me :)
 The nail polish is 93 and i absolutely love it for every day. I have the most horrific nails ever, the break every day, chip off and can't grow them. This nail polish isn't 100% pearly, just the right amount i like and it looks so clean, soft and natural.
Here is me wearing the farmasi lipsticks, which i didn't mention, they're from True Color range, one pic is before going out in the midday fog and the one from the right is after a 30 minutes walk, as my hair can tell! Grr... :) Without flash, you know, the colors are brighter, but the light didn't help me much for a natural shot of me, today.

I wish you all the best that can happen, lots of good things all year round, health, happiness and many accomplishments, lovely people around you and more beauty, if it's possible!

Happy New Year!
An nou fericit!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All about eyes

 I was looking for mascara and i really love the Astor eyeliner, (the classic one) but i thought i'd give a go to these two that came on offer together. This mascara supposedly gave volume and a false lash effect and the eyeliner is 'pen' style. I've had eyeliners like this, from Avon and they ended up in the trash can after a few tries, just because i couldn't trace a fine, single line, but interrupted and half way! But NOW i know, it has to be stored vertically, otherwise you end up like me. Of course, i forgot to place it like that a couple of times and i had to use a pencil those days, arghh...

 The mascara give more length than volume and the lashes are so fine, long and soft?! They're not stiff and voluminous and i like that. I can say i didn't fail on this one and who knows, i'll probably repurchase it.

 For a more obvious approach let me show you:
Natural lashes ^-^

 Lashes with Astor Big&Beautiful False Lash Look mascara - curved brush.
Later edit: After a month the mascara is fresh, didn't change a bit, i 've used solely, 2-3 coats, every day and i have to say that rarely a mascara is as good after a month in my makeup bag! I am truly amazed by this...

 Another eyeliner i recommend is the pencil from revlon, which isn't pricey and does a great job. After trying the black one i went for a brown, also, since my hair is reddish i think black is looking rather harsh on me.
 Love them.
I love to make my eyes stand out and my complexion, leaving the lips behind. I love bold lips and i think i'll do a change in my routine, soon, because i spend too much time putting make-up in the morning.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My first 'haul post': Yves Rocher

 All these are meant for Christmas presents for my mother-in-law and her mother.
 Picky was even happier 'cause he got a boooxx! I barely got all the stuff out and he was right in it!
 Picky enjoying his new box...

 He didn't mind, hubby could pack him up, with no resistance :)
 Cat in a box.
 These were the freebies from this order: a set of travel bags, a product of my choice which was the Zero Defaut foundation, a watch and an eye-contour creme. I got all these because i had actually 2 orders, one mine and one of a friend's, in this case, my mother's and that's why i have the travel set, which was meant for the order of the friend. What don't mothers do for they're daughters :)
Merry Christmas, everyone!

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse 556 haircolor

 I've been dreaming about red hair for months now and i just couldn't decide a certain shade i wanted, so i've been trying a lot these last 6 months, using hair lightener and hair dye at home.
My start colour this time is this, from pic below:
In bright daylight looked like that, but it was, in fact, a medium reddish brown.
I bought the regular, now, Palette hair lightener for 4-6 shades, E20, i think it was and i let it stay for 20 minutes. The result was this:

 At the hair dye stand i spend the most time ever, when i go shopping, it's a real pain in the ass sometimes, because after all the experience i kinda know how a certain shade will end up, knowing my base color and the number of the shade. I was looking for a lighter red, but i was very happy with the result of this L'Oreal Sublime Mousse 556 - passionate mahogany.
 I noticed for the first time a red range from Casting Creme Gloss, but only the sample hair was available to see, no haircolor was left on the shelves. They were beautiful, i must admit.

The haircolor was easy to use for me and my hair wasn't damaged by any of the products. The ends split sooner than usual, maybe and i can't grow my hair longer than i have it now, but that's because i wash it every day, i use the hair straightener and i have lightened it and colored it many, many times this year. So, i have to go for a cut every 2 months.

After 2 weeks my color is this:
(in suppose it's from the lightener that blows my color off)

I couldn't stay that washed out and used Londa - Firey Red 47, which looks like this:
(right after coloring)
Looks more like dark red, burgundy, violet red and i don't feel like i'm on fire at all :(
No idea how i'll turn after a month from now, any suggestions? ;;)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

4 products for a satin face

 I tend to like matte looks, but my skin, which is combination, in a strange way, very dry and oily t-zone, refuses to accept matte, drying products and it looks scary sometimes. I like my foundation to last all day, but when i see my face so dry, i kinda 'listen' to it and go for something lighter, just to get the balance back. I am very aware of my skin status, age and perspective and i would like to be given a much younger age, after 10-15 years from now, also.
 In one of my 'dry episodes' i went for a watery foundation-how i like it to call- the Lumi Magique by L'Oreal, in shade N4, that has no staying power over an oily zone and even with powder it just gives up after 4,5 hours. Too bad... i like the finish, the colours and the texture.
 For powder i chose alverde color&care shimmer powder, which gives as said, a glowy-shimmery finish to the make-up, with no mattifying effect and just a bit of help in holding the foundation on.

For the dull lighting in the winter i like to be more coloured and use a darker foundation or a bronzer. I discovered yesterday an awesome one from Max Factor, surprisingly affordable, which comes in 2 shades: golden and bronze. It has shimmer in it and the Golden one looked full of golden sparkles, perfect for occasions and holidays, but i chose Bronze (pic above). It looks very, very dark, but with a good brush it makes wonders! I was impressed by how even it went on my areas i wanted to contour&bronze. It's such a big difference between flormar bronzer and max factor bronzer. It's smooth and glowy, in a subtle way, though, just perfect for a natural look. Another fact i liked about the max factor bronzer it's the valability of 36 months since opening, isn't that great?

And at last, the blush, the beautiful and shimmery blush i got from kkcenterhk, which illuminates and creates a lifting effect on the cheeks. I don't wear it in the picture below, i wanted to look more natural, as i was about to leave the house for a walk to the mall with my husband.
The whole look is perfect for a weekend day or a short friday at work, but if you don't have oily zones, may be an excellent choice for every day.

Do you like the satin concept for makeup? Let me know what you think!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sephora brightening and hydrating foundation

I got this sample at Sephora, obviously and i think i can make a mini review about their new Brightening and Hydrating foundation. The shades that are included in this sample are clair/light 20 and medium 30.

It was such a small amount, that i had to use it all - 2 samples!! and still i could've used more :) Each sample had 0.18 g/0.006 oz of  foundation in 2 shades :)

Although medium 30 is pretty dark, i used it as the first layer and the light 20 on top, on the T-Zone.
On me, it gave a luminous and dewy finish, i believe it has medium coverage and what i liked about it was the fact that freckled complexions (like me)  are advantaged with this foundation, because it lets the skin show in a special way. It is light difusing and that helps covering in a natural manner. I could feel that the foundation doesn't slide, but clings to the skin nicely, without the 'tight' sensation.
 It was the first foundation that didn't bothered my need of coverage, full coverage, that is.
 My fear about using this kind of foundations - that don't yell at you 'For mature skin only' is giving me second thoughts about buying the full size, mainly because i don't wanna get a chin full of pimples caused by the hyaluronic acid in it. It happened before with the L'oreal Visible lift and Bourjois - healthy mix (even if it doesn't have h.a., but it's hydrating).

I have to say, in the pics it looks great, in real life, it made my skin greasier and after 3 hours it began to look a bit unpleasant. I didn't use powder, to test it at the max, maybe it would make a perfect look with a smooth transluscent powder, but still, for combination skin and oily skin, i don't think it's a great choice, only occasionally, when the skin feels tight and aggressed by cold weather, like i feel from time to time.
The shades, in my opinion were ok, the medium 30 - yellow toned and the light 20 (cream) pretty neutral and suited me best.
I find it odd for a foundation to weigh 20 ml, but for me would be great, because i would probably use it all, unlike many foundations i have.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


 Tonight i am going to celebrate my friend's birthday and we're going out for a drink, so i tried my best to look good and more than this, a better then usual Alex. :)

As expected, i went for neutrals again...surprise! :))
 I love the alverde lipstick, shade 26, so far, i added barry m - peachy pink 147-  on top of it for a bit of color.
 I've used meilin 3D shining blusher and the Cava brown gel eyeliner, of course, they entered my routine.

Other products i used are Revlon colorstay in 250  fresh beige - very dark, i know! Trio eyeshadow from Bourjois, revlon eyeliner - black, Rimmel Extra Lash, Seventeen eyebrow pencil, Elf Stipple brush and Rimmel Stay matte powder.

Friday, November 23, 2012

KKCenterHK blusher and gel eyeliner

After, testing the eyeshadow quad last month, I was lucky again to receive another 2 products to try out: a  3D shining blush in 4 shades from Meilin and a brown gel eyeliner from Sava thanks to KKCenterHK.
  The blush has a highlighter and 3 tones of blush: pink, mauve and coral. All 4 of them are soft and so easy to blend. I like the fact that gives me a glow! I wanted for such a long time to have a blush like this! The colors aren't super pigmented, so it's great for beginners and anyone else, since it's no trouble putting it on.You don't have to worry about lighting or taking chances to turn out looking like a clown.
 It comes with a mirror and a brush.

 This is the gel eyeliner, you can find it here:
 This one comes, also with a tool, a small brush, that's perfect for tracing a fine line or a thick one, as you wish.

 In these pictures i used the flash, it's the only way i can show you the true color of the eyeliner. In natural day light it's darker, almost black. I even used it on my eyebrows and it looks amazing :)
 This is my first time with this kind of product and applicator and i didn't expect it to be this easy! It just glides smoothly, in one stroke! The applicator is perfect for it's purpose.
 Here, i have on the mattest foundation i ever had, Max Factor All Day Flawless 3in1, shade Sand, so you can see how the blush truly shines and gives that beautiful glow, i wanted so much!
 I like the fact that i can contour my cheekbones, using 2 colors on brush at the same time and applying it in one stroke, blusher and highlighter. The brush is big enough to do this.

What do you think?

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