Friday, December 02, 2011


Oh, yes. It is different from the old Accord Parfait. The main thing i noticed is that it looks smoother. At the beginning i loved it! But, from some reason it changed or my skin got used to it...can't really find the reason, but it didn't give me the same effect. I'm pausing it for a while and i will use it again after a couple of weeks.
I don't it possible? Or is it my tired brain in search of something new all the time?!I have experienced this with other foundations, also. The wow effect seems to last, on average 2-3 weeks. :P
It doesn't last longer than the classic one, the shade is beautiful (N5 Sand), it does sting my eyes, for a few seconds and it was on sale, 50% off in dm stores, last month. The shades are plenty to choose from, i think and i should've taken Vanille Rose, probably best.


  1. Hi, i saw this review and i want to ask you something if you don t mind, how do you know this is the new accord perfect??? in my country i have seen both foundations but i am still don t know what of them is the new, i never heard of it. how do you get to know what is the new foundation ?? le teint accord perfect or the accord perfect??? thanks and sorry for mistakes XD

  2. Hello! :)
    Everywhere in Europe and USA, first came the simple Accord Parfait, i used it first, in 2007. The foundation with "LE TEINT" added in the name came up 2 years ago and i discovered it last year or so. Anyway,there isn't much difference between the 2, in my opinion.Both are sold in parallel. Thanks for asking! :)

  3. Thanks for the explanation now i know what its correct to say about the foundations :D thank you so much really. Luck for you in everything :)


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