Friday, December 02, 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 53

It is about time to do a review on Bourjois healthy mix foundation since everybody has and it is a popular foundation this year.
I already used one, after that i bought another one in a lighter shade - 52 and i hated it and i rebought 53 at a S.A.'s advice from a Douglas store.
First, i like the texture a lot! Bourjois took indeed a step forward in drugstore makeup leaving the other brands behind. For the finish it offers it has pretty good coverage and lasting power. I wore it in hot summer days and it was more than ok after 8 hours.
I was told for the first time in my life :)) i dont look like i am wearing makeup...pfft! Let's say i believed it...and subscribe to the 'Healthy mix likers' aaand end up this short post by saying what i dont like about this line: very limited shade selection! 53 is pretty dark, 52 is a horrible shade and 51 ghostly light. I want more light and medium shades! :D
What about you?

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