Saturday, October 01, 2011

Colossal Cat Eyes mascara from Maybelline

I can't even tell what i should begin with! The load of product it comes off when u open it?  The fact it crumbles into million chunks on your face ALL DAY and ruins your makeup? All i wanted was an efficient mascara, so i wouldn't waste 20 minutes only for my lashes, in the morning, since my schedule became so hectic! I got this on special offer...this is the only good thing about it. It's actually, way over it's value! I've tried everything: one coat, two coats, let it dry 'till the second, let it half dry, 1 quick, simple layer, it's same shit! I have 12 years experience in using mascara, and i used all kinds, trust me!
The result doesn't look like a mess and like i'm struggling to get it, but the fact that i continously have to check my face out in a mirror, all day and every time i do, i see tons of dots of mascara, drives me crazy!
Colossal shit!


  1. i don't like this mascara. my fave is lancome hipnose, the best. xooo

  2. i didn't even know that this version of the colossal existed. but if it's this bad... there is no way im going to try it
    very nice review


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