Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall shoes, thank God we have 4 seasons :)

Viviana inspired me to do a post about shoes, since my makeup bag hasn't seen anything interesting in a while :P
So my choice for this fall is this pair of!:
 I bought them from a very popular store i've been trying to avoid for months, now :)) and it seems i can't fight the temptation. Temptation is a large word for it. Actually, it's Deichmann's fault! They seem to be gettin' more ridiculous from season to season. This is why i am so upset: Last week i went looking for some autumn shoes and i saw this
which, by the way, is from this month's catalog! And...guess what! They were out of size 37! In one week all 37 ones were sold out in both Deichmann stores and they had in stock loads of 41??? I don't want to upset anyone, but isn't 37 like the most common shoe size in Romania? It may be 41 in Germany but they seem to be minus 1 in achieving sales results in this teritory!

So...letting my frustration go, tell me...which do you like better? :)

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