Monday, July 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Your Skin Makeup foundation - Ecru Beige - inspired by Carmindy

   Since i watched the first time 'What not to wear' where i saw Carmindy @ work and i've read good reviews about this foundation, i really wanted to give it a try. The first thing i can say is that it's nothing spectacular, just another foundation. The girls on utube say it's a dewy foundation, it looks like that on their webcameras, but mine is nothing like that. I only tried it once, so i'll come up with new impressions. 
3 days later: covers well, lasts long, dewy after a while, has no scent, a darker shade i think it would look better; this one doesn't say anything, kinda dull. And my skin is even whiter than this. Colour and texture is everything to me, donno about u...The consistency is thick and creamy, but spreads nice. I'll use it mixed with another foundation. I came back to this method 'cause this way,  i get it all, coverage, colour, texture etc. and no foundation alone can give everything u wish for - that's my conclusion after years of using all kinds of makeup. :) I should try the next shade and make a better impression about Sally Hansen Your skin makeup. So...i'll come again about this, in a while. Please share :D


  1. I'm lookig forward to seeing your new impression

  2. Well, i used it again yesterday because u reminded me :)) and i like it overall, it's dewy, indeed, but it seems i hate pale foundations on me. I have nothing to complain about Sally Hansen, it covers well, lasts long, looks natural. Maybe this winter i will find the mood for it :P


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