Friday, February 04, 2011

Astor VIP 3 tone blush

 A three in one pink blush from Astor, 3 beautiful pink shades, the lightest is a highlighter, actually, and all three are luminous and fresh! It's a beautiful kit, but careful with the amount, the final result might turn u into a clown :)

Creamy Nude Lipstick from Manhattan Cosmetics - 53 Rosewood

More of a nude lip balm, this lipstick from Manhattan cosmetics is more of a care product, the shade being pretty sheer and smoothing. More suitable for golden skins, i guess. It comes in 2 shades and  has a pleasant scent.

essence lipstick - kiss you 43 (sparkly pink)

 Fruity scented, hydrating, very cheap (2 euros at Globus), sparkly lipstick. Lasts well around 3 hrs. Looks good after a while, too.

Olaz/Olay moisturizer

I am a fan of Olay/Olaz (Ex Oil of Olaz)...i used all of their face moisturizers, because they are hypoallergenic and cheap for the quality it offers.
I bought this biggie in a Müller store in Straubing, Germany - it was on special offer for 3,65 euros and i said i should give it a try. It is indeed fluid, but very moisturizing, it just sinks into the skin, making a great makeup base. Very economic even if it's a fluid. This one has 200 ml, four times the quantity of the face cream i used to buy (sensitive, normal/dry skin)...for a few extra cents. 
Has no scent/perfume, well tolerated, non greasy.

Affinitone concealer Natural 02

This is the greatest concealer i've tried in a long time. I like everything about it. It's liquid, but it has great coverage. The shades are nice, not too light, like L'oreal Touche Magique and i've used shades 02 and 03, which in my case, looked the same. It doesn't streak! I use it always over foundation. It's not greasy, its just the way it should be! Try it!

Maybelline Affinitone 24 h foundation 21 Nude Shade

Pret: 34-37 lei
 Cremos, dar nu gros/vascos.
 Detaliu obraz -a iesit un pic cam blurry poza
I bought it without realising it was Affinitone, not Superstay 24h ! Donggg! I actually had a Superstay 24h and the difference is huge ! That's why i was so um...conflicted, cuz this one, AFFINITONE 24 h is so smoothing and perfecting, while Superstay 24h was so common and plain. So i was convinced i bought an 'original' Superstay, till i got home and read the package.
The colour is a good mix between golden tints and rose tints, which i always like on my pale skin, the texture is instantly smoothing with a luminous matte finish.
The price is awesome, the shades are pretty many 6-7 and actually there is a ghostly white shade: Light Beige ! (for those who usually complain about lighter shades mismatch) The Light beige is really white and i was afraid to buy it....but now, while taking photos for this post i realized i am way off the 'nude' shade...the next one will be Light Beige.
The only promise it doesn't keep is the lasting power...of 6 hrs top! I use translucent powder always and it keeps oil away till evening, but not with affinitone 24 on! It does start to shine pretty strongly after 6 hrs.
The coverage is amazing, one of the best, in this matter!

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