Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year, bloggers!

Another year has come and gone, new stuff came and will come, we will always be here! Happy new year, wish u all the best!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, blogosphere!!!

Bourjois sweet kiss lipstick in Rose corset 46

 I always like peachy lipsticks better than pink ones. I think it complements my skin and the whole look.
...although it looks truly pink in this pictures it really isn't. The name also suggests a true rose but it really is more on the orange side, believe me! :)

 I became a fan of Bourjois brand lately and this lipstick is no disappointment. I love the shade, the texture, it's long lasting and more importantly it didn't give me allergic reactions yet. :P
It's a matte lipstick, it may dry the lips but alternating and using lip balm makes it worth wearing it. I also tried another beautiful shade Rose innocence, i think it's will be my next purchase.
Go try it for yourself!

Douglas brand eyeshadows/makeup kit

 I found this little wonder in a Douglas store in Tg. Mures, last month. I'm so happy i bought it. It really worth the money. This kit has 18 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 6 lipglosses and 2 applicators.
  The eyeshadows are perfect, the blushers are nice but i'm not a fan of the range of colors they chose -but that's fine!-and the glosses are wonderful, truly creamy and hydrating, natural and sheer, very wearable in day time. They have a tint of sugary smell.

 I think it's a perfect gift idea, very easy to use and carry around.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Sexy curves mascara from Rimmel London

Oh, helloo!

I found a nice mascara! More than nice, actually! After fighting with that hideous Colossal Cat Eyes, i went for this purple thingie: Sexy Curvessssss! Tss! Em, not really.

 Separates so nicely and builds up pretty, flirty lashes, can go one, two and even three worries, no raining dots afterwards. :)
 I truly recommend it.


Oh, yes. It is different from the old Accord Parfait. The main thing i noticed is that it looks smoother. At the beginning i loved it! But, from some reason it changed or my skin got used to it...can't really find the reason, but it didn't give me the same effect. I'm pausing it for a while and i will use it again after a couple of weeks.
I don't it possible? Or is it my tired brain in search of something new all the time?!I have experienced this with other foundations, also. The wow effect seems to last, on average 2-3 weeks. :P
It doesn't last longer than the classic one, the shade is beautiful (N5 Sand), it does sting my eyes, for a few seconds and it was on sale, 50% off in dm stores, last month. The shades are plenty to choose from, i think and i should've taken Vanille Rose, probably best.

Sephora perfecting cover foundation bleahh!

I think i've been pranked or something. This can't be it...
What should i begin with???
Maybe with the smell of...rotten meat? I swear this sephora makeup stuff i bought stinks. I have no reason to make-up such a thing.
 Once i put it on it starts to change color and come back to the initial color. How weird is that?
 And looks spreaded someway...very strange. I saw the expiry date, it's still 'fresh' but far from the real meaning!

Total waste...

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 53

It is about time to do a review on Bourjois healthy mix foundation since everybody has and it is a popular foundation this year.
I already used one, after that i bought another one in a lighter shade - 52 and i hated it and i rebought 53 at a S.A.'s advice from a Douglas store.
First, i like the texture a lot! Bourjois took indeed a step forward in drugstore makeup leaving the other brands behind. For the finish it offers it has pretty good coverage and lasting power. I wore it in hot summer days and it was more than ok after 8 hours.
I was told for the first time in my life :)) i dont look like i am wearing makeup...pfft! Let's say i believed it...and subscribe to the 'Healthy mix likers' aaand end up this short post by saying what i dont like about this line: very limited shade selection! 53 is pretty dark, 52 is a horrible shade and 51 ghostly light. I want more light and medium shades! :D
What about you?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween is coming soon...any makeup ideas? ;;)

What makeup ideas inspire you this year?

I know i have a few... here's what i found:

I don't wanna be too creepy, because, although i'll be in another town for this year's Halloween, i'll still have to get out of my building and i have a lot of old people as my neighbours, that i do not wanna cause a heart attack to!
P.S. Authors, please, don't sue me :) I just loved ur makeup too much.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Colossal Cat Eyes mascara from Maybelline

I can't even tell what i should begin with! The load of product it comes off when u open it?  The fact it crumbles into million chunks on your face ALL DAY and ruins your makeup? All i wanted was an efficient mascara, so i wouldn't waste 20 minutes only for my lashes, in the morning, since my schedule became so hectic! I got this on special offer...this is the only good thing about it. It's actually, way over it's value! I've tried everything: one coat, two coats, let it dry 'till the second, let it half dry, 1 quick, simple layer, it's same shit! I have 12 years experience in using mascara, and i used all kinds, trust me!
The result doesn't look like a mess and like i'm struggling to get it, but the fact that i continously have to check my face out in a mirror, all day and every time i do, i see tons of dots of mascara, drives me crazy!
Colossal shit!

Clinique Repairwear foundation

The shade i chose is Neutral 05. I got it from a 'source' (again) so, i did not pay the full price (thank God).
From their description i've been dying to have it, but of course, is not that awesome...
The color, i think, is beautiful! The consistency is creamy and thick, which makes it a heavy foundation, that i wouldn't recommend for medium imperfections or for those who don't like heavy coverage. You can not spread it in a thin layer! I also, would consider you have to make it quickly, because it kinda sets faster than usual.
It is buildable, but i don't see the point. It has perfect coverage. One layer made out of three pumps is more than enough for face and neck.
The fault, now: It's not made for oily skin, AT ALL! Don't use powder on top, at the first use, it will only make it worse. Try primer or anything else you know. I don't have excessive oiliness, but on my first day wearing this foundation, at work (air conditionned environment) i noticed after about 6 hours that the skin oil came out from my pores and stayed on top giving the impression i had huge, enlarged pores. I'm still horified!
Too bad, i like everything else about it, especially the radiant look.
At 26 and a half, i have lines on my forehead and i can say it does set into lines, unfortunately, mainly with powder on top. Without loose powder, it's not that obvious.
I thought of one good outcome using Clinique Repairwear on my combination skin: using it only on the cheeks and under-eye area and using colorstay on the T zone, maybe sandbeige or nude beige would work.
So, if you have 46 years old, oily skin...and you want a radiant, anti age foundation, do not buy this :))
Clinique Repairwear has mostly good reviews, i wouldn't think i'll be on the other side. I also got my motivation from the brand's promo line: ' Allergy tested 100% fragrance free ' - hope this is accurate, at least!
Post-review note: DO NOT wear it in full day/sunlight. It looks awful in pictures... :( and live, apparently. Heavy, thick, grose texture.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall shoes, thank God we have 4 seasons :)

Viviana inspired me to do a post about shoes, since my makeup bag hasn't seen anything interesting in a while :P
So my choice for this fall is this pair of!:
 I bought them from a very popular store i've been trying to avoid for months, now :)) and it seems i can't fight the temptation. Temptation is a large word for it. Actually, it's Deichmann's fault! They seem to be gettin' more ridiculous from season to season. This is why i am so upset: Last week i went looking for some autumn shoes and i saw this
which, by the way, is from this month's catalog! And...guess what! They were out of size 37! In one week all 37 ones were sold out in both Deichmann stores and they had in stock loads of 41??? I don't want to upset anyone, but isn't 37 like the most common shoe size in Romania? It may be 41 in Germany but they seem to be minus 1 in achieving sales results in this teritory!

So...letting my frustration go, tell me...which do you like better? :)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Huge giveaway by Suzie

U must enter this giveaway competition and get a chance to win the most generous gift, ever! And a brand new blog to follow, of course!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rainbow Priorities Satin Shadow No. 105 Beige Pearl

Yeah, i dropped it...five minutes after i bought it. But i love it. :D  I have a problem with nudes, beiges, browns etc. i admit! These are the only 'colours' i like on my face and i think they make my eyes look greener. I don't like purple and pinks, no idea why, only when i see it on someone else.

New face of Extra Lash Rimmel London mascara

For some reason, the mascara isn't the same or better - if that was what they tried to - and i don't remember needing a million coats with the old one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

 Honestly, i've expected cleaner and more defined lashes and i got, instead a time-and-energy-consuming mascara. :p  The brush is well, a stuffy brush, which i haven't used in years, hello?! the modern coam has been invented, since. So, i won't try it again, although the result wasn't bad, ah...don't ever walk in rainy weather while wearing this...u'll be sorry! :))

Farmasi blush no.7

The color is beautiful, the texture is ultra fine and smooth, luminous matte, has a strong fragrance which i felt in a Farmasi gloss, also (vanilla something), and doesn't glide too well on colorstay, for example. Hope it will the next time, you need only a little amount for a high pigmented effect. Perfect for this summer!

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