Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swatches - Foundations

Well, since i'm home sick all this week i shuffled and shuffled from blog to blog and wondered...what makes a successful blog?
I personally rarely find the patience to read the content and i  like to see pictures, lots n lots of pictures of colors, shades, swatches, u name it. What are your favourite things u like to find in a blog?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lash Accelerator Rimmel London Mascara

Second thought impressions ;))
In my first review i was saying that Lash Accelerator is awful, sticky bla bla...Well, after a few more uses it becomes a different mascara! Its because the quantity, its too much coming out at first 2-5 uses.
It really nice to use, after all, but still...twice as expensive to clean it off...I need an extra cleansing wipe when i use Lash Accelerator Mascara. About the growth factor...havent 'met' it yet :P Maybe that will surprise me, too!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara L'Oreal

I start describing it by using the word 'interesting'...yes, this is an interesting mascara. The brush is made of silicon i guess, is easy to use, i.m.o, but the thing that makes it different is the thickness of the paste. If u've tried it, u know what i mean. Its like u have to spread the paste from bottom to top of ur lashes, is kinda gluey, but not in a bad way, cuz it gives u enough time to do so. It dries ok, accepts 2 coats, but from the first one i can say it's enough - for the first time ever, in my life! I usually wear 2-3 coats, but Telescopic does the trick with half the job. I can say its a good one. I wouldnt recommend it to beginners.

It happened to cry and it looked just fine :D

Color Appeal Platinum eyeshadow L'Oreal 152 Beige Platinum

The perfect eyeshadow for a glowy, golden/tan look. I like it in every aspect, texture, color, pigments, staying powder, ease of applying, etc. It just perfect for it's shade name.

Makes green eyes look great!

L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Lipstick Doutzen Kroes 717

This is my new favourite item! I absolutely love it and i'm not giving it a break since i bought it (as u can see)

Its very hard to take good pictures indoors. Sorry for the bad pictures.

The quality of my lips skin has improved visibly since i use it, it lasts pretty long and really hydrates. Looks awesome all the time, this lipstick has amazed me. The color is so sweet and beautiful, even with the glitter and everything. It looks really well in any light, trust me! This has to be tried to see it for urself, its that kind of thing ;)

Bourjois eyeshadow 34 - rose tentation

2in1: pink and gold in a sheer, soft eyeshadow.

I personally like it, its so subtle, fresh looking. It's not very pigmented and i gave it another utilization: as a blush. :)

Looks better than what it does :))

Affinitone Mineral Fawn

I was surprised to see 'fawn' this light! I doesnt turn darker, it stays just like u see it. In my opinion is a very beautiful shade, natural and balanced, even on my light skin. Absolutely beautiful! The coverage is light, it doesnt last on more than 3 hours, it's easy to apply, very nice textured. I like the fact that it doesnt contain as many craps as other foundations, but the staying powerrrrr lacks, for me is an important factor. Accepts translucide powder on top and looks so natural, unbelievably nice!

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