Thursday, September 09, 2010

Revlon Custom Creations

They don't mention anything about the content's, i gave it a go which turned into a big no-no :P
I posted it on sale on a specialized site at half price.
I got the one in Light range of shades, my fav shade being 03 and i dreamt of using 03 all over and as i like, a lighter shade under my eyes and center of my forehead. Well, my dream didnt come true, 03 turns extremely yellow on my pale face, changes color, somehow and i look patchy....hhhhh! I didn't even try the 01 and 02, a main disadvantage i discovered was the fact that after setting the dial, for ex. at 3, u give one push, use the amount and after this u want a bit of 02 it pushes foundation shade 03 again, because the 'straw' is large and a lot of product comes out at once but not enough to empty it. So, maybe i'm wrong... i hope i'll give it away soon...cuz i got sick of my superstay silky 16h and made a bad choice after another and all foundations ended up on that site for sale. :( Now, i'm waiting for a sale to purchase something i can use and look normal :((
I hate it when i make wrong choices. I feel guilty... but, let's come back to Revlon Custom Creations. The coverage is poor, medium, to be kind. Has no smell, goes on well, but when it dries...stays there and i think it kinda dries to quickly.
I am really confused about this, i had such hopes and it's pricey, too... It has 2 containers, 2 different shades and if u use only the lighter shades and u want a darker shade u'll get stuck with the darkest foundation u wont be able to use because the mixing wont be possible. I am not very coherent but u're smarties and u'll figure it out :D My confusion is related to this property and to the probability that i'll only use half of it, fact that i couldnt have guessed when i bought it. When i took the decision of buying it i really liked the middle shade 03 which turned out to be different than it looks and changed everything.
About its lasting power i can say it does last good 8 hours and might be ok for oily T zones.
Another thing i like about it is that it has no perfume, like i expected.
So...if u feel tempted by it, be very careful with the shades changes and really try it before u buy it!

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