Sunday, September 26, 2010

Manhattan mono eyeshadows

Manhattan eyeshadows
Shades, left to right: 51N, 316, 53C and 215.
They are mini eyeshadows, made especially for MyBox case which u can fill up with the products u like and are available in this size.
These look kinda crappy cuz they are almost expired :)) i think :P Well, they arent fresh, either! I took a peak at their new site and i couldnt find them.
What can i say about them is that they come in different textures, smooth and fine or glittery and 'sprinkly' all over the face (which i hate, but its maybe cuz of they've been a while in the store).
I like the non-glittery ones better, meaning from these four 316 and 215.
The first one is, like i said sprinkly and doesnt go on smooth over the eyelid, but the color is cute and fresh. Light pink.
The second is the green, looks ok, i can say i like it.
Probably my favourite is 53C, the coral-peach and the last one is awfully pink. They are very pigmented, especially the pink one - it should be a blush.
I wouldnt buy these, in conclusion.
I've used on my arm Revlon Colorstay before the eyeshadows, in Sand Beige 180.

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