Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ultra Pearl Mania NYX Eyeshadow and Round Lipstick

Oh, yeah...the most talked about brad, nyx is in my makeup bag :)) I must say they r way too cheap for the quality! They r great! I apply it with a thin elf brush and i have no problems! The most important tip is to be careful at the amount u pick up from the tiny container so u don't get all sparkly-face!
The eyeshadow goes so smoothly and gently and lasts and lastss...I even received compliments.
I have Nude Pearl, Pearl and Lilac Pearl.
I'm very attracted to Grass and Lime, too but i dont know when i'll order these.
I also wanted the famous Round lipstick of nyx and from what i saw online, Thalia and B52 looked like they'd suited me...but...not really. B52 is pretty strong pigmented, Thalia is also, in fact...but the tones are strong...not so natural.
They are creamy and stay long on, easy to apply, the shape is tool-perfect. What i like most, is the fact that they are hypoallergenic, no scent!
Well, i can say i now know what's the rave about and i'm happy i discovered them and i had the inspiration to order them. I will try to find a nice shade of Round lipstick for me and keep 'painting' myself for a fresh summer-y look.

These shades look awesome in photos. But, not on me.


  1. Lovely collection!

  2. Hey,

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