Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HorrorStay 24h

I'm so sad...and disappointed...and hopeless...
I CAN"T BELIEVE that THIS is the new superstay! I got it from someone who went to France and got the Gemey Maybelline version and i don't think it has anything to do with the fact that it sucks bigtime :(
I got 10 Ivory cuz the lightest shades from superstay 16h were more medium shades than light. :( This shade is nice, like i initially noticed. Looks good on my fair skin and looks natural...the colour...the texture...donno what to say about it. I hate it overall, i would never buy it again and i don't recommend it if u want all those promises. Yeah, it does not stay on not even 6 hours on combination skin although u fix it with staying powder. I'm such a kid when it comes to unsuccessful makeup purchases...I really need a good foundation that covers medium to full and is long lasting wholely, not partially, like Max Factor Lasting Performance and other... Even the Visible Lift with serum inside is more long staying than this crappy version of mny superstay and it doesnt mean to. All i can say i look awful even freshly made up cuz it doesnt cover even close to the other superstay and after 4,5 hours i look horrible! I hate it and i hope i can mix it with other foundation and make it go for evening looks or any other short term events. I am sorry to let everybody down but i cant imagine what can change over time and agree with other 'users' of the new Superstay 24h stretch formula. I've been really a big lover of Maybelline makeup products...not anymore.


  1. Thanks for the comment doll! Very sweet of you ;) I actually have never dyed my hair, all natural color. I'm too scared to dye it, so that makes it even more of a sweet comment you made! Love your blog, I'm not following you ;) Best wishes and keep in touch! ♥

  2. Then don't dye it...i had a feeling that ur hair it's all natural ;)) Thanks for stopping by and for ur comment :* About ur wish of getting in touch with bloggers about beauty in ur area...it seems that all u can do and maybe u noticed, is clicking ur city - Ohio at "View my complete profile" and u'll see 523000 of pages with bloggers from ur city :)) Maybe we should write to blogger and suggest a filter by interests AND location. :D

  3. hey great blog please check out mine :)

    Sorry that you didnt like the foundation, I havnt tried this one as yet. But i hate it when that happens!

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  5. Thanks for the review. i came across your blog and am finding it interesting :):)

  6. Hey :)

    Sorry for late reply to your message been so busy.

    I really like MF second skin, gives great coverage and doesnt feel heavy on. Would def recommend it.

    The only down side is I am quite pale,and used creamy ivory and this was just a little bit to dark still, so needed to make sure it was all blended very well. It really does depend on what skin tone you are, but would recommend trying it in the shop and having a look in mirror outside before you purchase it.

    Anyway hope this helps :)



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