Sunday, May 30, 2010

MNY Falsies mascara

Oh crap...doesnt every girl like well defined, even, thick, but not heavy, long lashes? Then whytf dont they make a good mascara for this price? This was such a big disappointment for me...i really have, after 10 years of using mascara daily, high expectations, we're in 2010 for God's sake! It's like the ruby rose mascara i've been using back in 2000! I really hope u don't see the newest mascara from maybelline, 'Falsies' like i do! I am really upset with it, i'm saying it doesnt do what it says it would and i wont buy it ever again! It takes a mere 10 minutes to dry out the first coat and if u dont wait enough it will stick ur lashes like a big black glue! The first time i've used it i had to wipe it off and i swear it hasnt happened to me since 2000, with any other new mascara. Ok, so it does take much time to apply two necessary coats, but dont even be close to tear or cry cuz u'll be having a nightmare! Falsies make ur lashes stick together, run down ur face and ruin everything... I can't believe they've made such a full of promises piece of crap!

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