Saturday, May 08, 2010

Miss Sporty new 'Ohh! BLUSHED again...' blush 002 Rose

I think it's the cheapest blush i could find in dm store and i absolutely love it!!! It's so smooth, easy to apply, it has shiny, subtle particles that gives healthy glow to ur complexion, the colour matches my foundation shade so nicely, very pretty!! I'm very glad i found this blusher! U can find other shades, too... i noticed a browny one that looked promising for tanned skin ;)

On the back it says 'Instantly glamorous and radiant cheeks for sexy look' - sounds weird but it does what it says! Made in china :))) Omg! But still, i rate it 10!


  1. I just bought the bronzer & highlight duo from this new Miss Sporty collection (ohh! tan so fine) and i must say I looooove it! It's smooth and natural looking

  2. I took a look at the miss sporty area just yersterday and i noticed the bronzerzzzzz, too!! :)) Funny names they use! Glad u like it!


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