Saturday, May 08, 2010

Maybelline Watershine lipstick - 110 & 111/103 shades

Watershine lipstick by Maybelline N.Y. seems to be my new favourite lipstick ever!
The shades are one prettier than the other and i could fine two of them that i like: Pink Sugar -110 and Iridescent pink diamonds 111/103.

The texture is down right perfect and the colours lovely. It has no smell and this is great news for me. U feel ur lips so soft and comfortable, not sticky of any sort, just perfect.
The watershine effect isn't very obvious and i am not a gloss fan or metallic shine, at all, but i like how these two look on. The Pink sugar - 110 is kinda metallic, but it doesnt bother me, while the Iridescent pink diamonds - 103 has shiny particles in it and looks powdery if u look at it (the lighter/orangey one in the pic).

If they only would pay me for promoting their best products...i'd be damn rich, by now...but, hey, i'm doing this for u, girls, cuz i need many opinions when i wanna buy something and not waste my money ;)

Getting back to these pretty lipsticks, i can only say try them and tell me what u think!

10! of course.

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