Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lady Manhattan concealer 280 - My box edition

... it's not KFC's 'lunch box' it's a concealer 'to go' in ur purse :P but i couldn't find THE box :))They have eyeshadow, too for the box-limited edition... i've tried a pink tone, very hot and i though it's a too strong look for a Loan Officer :P It's satinny, very pigmented, small amount needed, great texture, i luved these aspects about it. It also blended very well, it just glides perfectly and effortlesly.

Anyway...i'm going to rate the concealer product.
Manhattan concealer u can see in the photo is a creamy, light, concealer with light reflecting particles. When u sweep ur finger onto it, u feel it very tough but a thin layer is already on ur fingertip. The shade i chose is very natural and well balanced. The thing i don't like about Manhattan concealers is that after a while it shines like the oil is coming up and looks greasy, in my opinion. I luv the shade, looks great on my bare skin, which is the palest and it doesn't look yellow or pink at all. If it only woulnd't shone like that...sigh...
It stayes on, nicely, doesn't streak's ok, i guess.

Rating: 9

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