Sunday, May 30, 2010

MNY Superstay 24 H foundation !!!!!!!!!!!! Ivory 10

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Yessss, i finally got it!! My baby!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for so long, well not that long, for this little fella to come into my makeup bag! :D:D:D:D Me is happy happy happy!
Of course i didn't want this shade but hey, i have a cameleon face :P What can i say i noticed and i'm sure about is the fact that the Ivory shade isnt even similar to the one from the older version of superstay 16h, which is too yellow. I find it well balanced between yellow and pink pigments which is great for my pale skin.
I havent fully tried it yet, cuz i was away and had to go places and only got it since this morning but i will come back with a full review after tomorrow, when hard tests will be submitted and will be carefully inspected in every 'move' it will make >:) So...bbs!

MNY Falsies mascara

Oh crap...doesnt every girl like well defined, even, thick, but not heavy, long lashes? Then whytf dont they make a good mascara for this price? This was such a big disappointment for me...i really have, after 10 years of using mascara daily, high expectations, we're in 2010 for God's sake! It's like the ruby rose mascara i've been using back in 2000! I really hope u don't see the newest mascara from maybelline, 'Falsies' like i do! I am really upset with it, i'm saying it doesnt do what it says it would and i wont buy it ever again! It takes a mere 10 minutes to dry out the first coat and if u dont wait enough it will stick ur lashes like a big black glue! The first time i've used it i had to wipe it off and i swear it hasnt happened to me since 2000, with any other new mascara. Ok, so it does take much time to apply two necessary coats, but dont even be close to tear or cry cuz u'll be having a nightmare! Falsies make ur lashes stick together, run down ur face and ruin everything... I can't believe they've made such a full of promises piece of crap!

Palette Color & Gloss 4-99 Dark Cherry

Okkkayyy, so i though it would look like, although i hoped it wouldnt quite like the girl on the hair dye box :P From my past experience with Palette color&gloss, shade no. 3 which turned out almost black, i said to myself that 4-99 will look pretty dark with purple/violet reflexes. After 4 washes it looks like this, and yes i'm in sunlight.

If u're not sure about one shade from this range of Palette, just do it and count a few tones darker (browns)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

I can say i've used all Clean & Clear range of cleansing gels and i like this one very much. I smells a bit manly, so interesting!
The texture is incredible! A white fluid, but full of small particles that give u the impression they melt along ur face while rubbing it gently. I like everything about it. So soft and so effective. Garnier pure is so harsh comparing it to this one...and it's annoying! After u're done u notice it in ur nostrils, for God's sake! I feel it got to my brain already :)) I barely waited to buy another one! Clean & Clear rules!

ebelin nail polish remover

Sorry for the bad picture...
This is my favourite brand of nail polish removers. The fastest way to clean ur nails and i think its the best feature and something we like about this kind of product. No long rubbings, tons of cotton balls/pads etc. The amount keeps u carefree 2-4 months.
It's not pricey and ebelin comes in a variety of nail laquer removers.

Johnsons baby oil with lavender

Uh, sexy baby! I really felt the need of hydrating my skin since warm weather came. This urge converted to using Jonnsons baby oil and feeling satisfied. :)
It smells great, although i never thought it would, since the main customers are babies. I wanted to but it since i saw the commercial with a mommy using it after the shower. :> which i haven't yet, only on dry skin. Look promising...

What do u think?

Garnier cleansing wipes

Ohh. Since i work a lot and i don't find the time to go and look for my favourite brand of something i need...especially, makeup removers like my sweet Pom Pon wipes, that i love...i've had to try lots of other brands like Elmiplant and garnier...

This pack of wipes lasted more than one month because they suck! And i'm telling u not to buy it because it doesnt wipe off even the lighter foundation. Every night i had a struggle and i pulled my face up and down only cuz of it! So nasty! I don't know if it's the lack of makeup remover from the wipes or something else, but i'm not buying it twice even if they all disappear!

Biggest disappointment in it's category, at least the similar ones come at a third of the price!

alverde - naturkosmetik Eyeshadow - Mauve harmony 34

I've been searching for a while, now for something very similar to this little thingie :) A cool, but coloured eyeshadow that didn't scream 'look at me' and complemented my eyes. It's made of natural ingredients, so what can i say besides 'lucky me '?!:D

The texture is nice, shimmery, soft...just great!
I think this shade looks great on anybody, regardless of the eye colour. I noticed a bunch of other eyeshadows that looked good, also, like beautiful browns, greens, hot violet & mauve, so u have a variety to choose from ;) They come cheap and if it's true what they say about the ingredients, alverde is my new pal :D

Maybelline Watershine lipstick - 110 & 111/103 shades

Watershine lipstick by Maybelline N.Y. seems to be my new favourite lipstick ever!
The shades are one prettier than the other and i could fine two of them that i like: Pink Sugar -110 and Iridescent pink diamonds 111/103.

The texture is down right perfect and the colours lovely. It has no smell and this is great news for me. U feel ur lips so soft and comfortable, not sticky of any sort, just perfect.
The watershine effect isn't very obvious and i am not a gloss fan or metallic shine, at all, but i like how these two look on. The Pink sugar - 110 is kinda metallic, but it doesnt bother me, while the Iridescent pink diamonds - 103 has shiny particles in it and looks powdery if u look at it (the lighter/orangey one in the pic).

If they only would pay me for promoting their best products...i'd be damn rich, by now...but, hey, i'm doing this for u, girls, cuz i need many opinions when i wanna buy something and not waste my money ;)

Getting back to these pretty lipsticks, i can only say try them and tell me what u think!

10! of course.

Miss Sporty new 'Ohh! BLUSHED again...' blush 002 Rose

I think it's the cheapest blush i could find in dm store and i absolutely love it!!! It's so smooth, easy to apply, it has shiny, subtle particles that gives healthy glow to ur complexion, the colour matches my foundation shade so nicely, very pretty!! I'm very glad i found this blusher! U can find other shades, too... i noticed a browny one that looked promising for tanned skin ;)

On the back it says 'Instantly glamorous and radiant cheeks for sexy look' - sounds weird but it does what it says! Made in china :))) Omg! But still, i rate it 10!

Lady Manhattan concealer 280 - My box edition

... it's not KFC's 'lunch box' it's a concealer 'to go' in ur purse :P but i couldn't find THE box :))They have eyeshadow, too for the box-limited edition... i've tried a pink tone, very hot and i though it's a too strong look for a Loan Officer :P It's satinny, very pigmented, small amount needed, great texture, i luved these aspects about it. It also blended very well, it just glides perfectly and effortlesly.

Anyway...i'm going to rate the concealer product.
Manhattan concealer u can see in the photo is a creamy, light, concealer with light reflecting particles. When u sweep ur finger onto it, u feel it very tough but a thin layer is already on ur fingertip. The shade i chose is very natural and well balanced. The thing i don't like about Manhattan concealers is that after a while it shines like the oil is coming up and looks greasy, in my opinion. I luv the shade, looks great on my bare skin, which is the palest and it doesn't look yellow or pink at all. If it only woulnd't shone like that...sigh...
It stayes on, nicely, doesn't streak's ok, i guess.

Rating: 9

Sunday, May 02, 2010

SuperStay™ 24HR Makeup

I can't wait for this little fella` to come to our romanian stores! If it'll bring all those shades and it's closely as good as the old Superstay i'm relieved and i can say i'll have my new best friend for ever! Or, well, as long as they will make it...
The old superstay is the best foundation for me, but the shades are too limited and the packaging drives me crazy when i'm running out of it!

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