Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady foundation - 05 Natural Beige

Oh, boy... i swear it's the last time i ever buy a new foundation without trying it, i mean really trying it...i don't know how i'll proceed in doing this, but i will try it and know what i'm paying for.

I got really, really sick of looking heavily made-up, having a weird coloured face and i said to myself 'i don't care that much about coverage, i want a fresh, natural look and a healthy, human shade' and read and read about this Revlon PhotoReady foundation and i thought it should do the trick, based on all i've read about it.

Well, i declare it the WEIRDEST foundation...cuz i don't know if it's bad or good, after almost a month of wearing it daily!!!

First, i've used it alone a couple of days until i noticed that i look too yellow and i'm too shiny and doesn't stay long. From this i can cross a line and say it's good for mature skin, with small imperfections...and uh...dry skin!

Second: I dabbed a little foundation from L'oreal - Visible lift with serum inside - Porcelain 105, under my eyes, around mouth and center of forehead. Nice result!

The biggest issue i found bothering was the fact it didn't 'accepted' translucide powder, meaning, it looked uneven, spotty, however u wanna call it. Horror! After using Visible lift, it did. Even after layering all these three products, my combination complexion fought with it and...won! Well, it's not long lasting. Watch out at clothes rubbing, kissing etc.

Third: The beautiful shade, 'natural beige' from Colorstay doesn't look, by far, like this one!!! It's darker and more yellow-toned... Colorstay's Natural beige is so perfectly balanced, great shade, even on pale skin, like mine...

Composition: YES, i does have glitter in it...but i can't say i dislike it. Of course, it's named 'Photoready' and i had to try it...not a difference!!! Daylight, night pictures, with flash and without, no 'poreless' image found :P

Before my wedding i've read an article in a bridal magazine, that the element that makes u look ghostly in pictures, head apart from body, is Titanium Dioxide. If it's true, Photoready should not contain it. But, hey, i've read all my foundations' ingredient list and contained titanium dioxide.
So...does it really exist a foundation without this element?

What i like about it is... um... the close'up... that i found attractive. It looks natural, glowy...and, girls, don't be scared at first, it looks very 'wet' the first 5 'cools' down, but the shine stays, uh...glow :P

The price is UHOO! so, NO! i won't buy it ever again or recommend it although, I've seen bloggers that look great wearing Revlon PhotoReady, i'm happy for them :))

Overall rating: 6

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