Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Radiant lipstick - Advanced care 121 - Pink


I went very happy to my beauty store to buy Ga-de - 503 lipstick but, guess what! They discontinued it :(((((( The most 'normal', natural shade of pink i've seen.
The saleswoman recommended me, instead...THIS!!! Which is by far what i was looking for...well, it's not bad and i wear it at least once a day :D

It's creamy, sheer but high in pigments, doesn't last very much, looks good and healthy on lips, has a bit of smell and it's not expensive. This shade is called 'pink' but it's a peachy pink, great for tanned complexions and light ones, like me.
I like it, but the smell gives me a hint not to but another one or use it excessively, not too bother my rhynithis. 8-|

I would recommend it and i give it a 10!


  1. de ce ai blogul in engleza? folosesti produse care se gasesc numai la noi, deci blogul este pt romance.. nu inteleg

  2. nu se gasesc doar la noi si este exact acelasi lucru cu a scrie despre mac in romana :) si mai ceva, romancele stiu engleza, 'americancele' si europenele nu stiu romana.


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