Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miss Sporty eyeshadow - 112 Ultimate

This eyeshadow surprised me in a good way... the first thing that comes into my mind is that this cheap eyeshadow is super blendable! I love this about it.

The texture is nice, the sparkles aren't very obvius or annoying. The color is very nice, also.
It's not an easy task to find a natural, medium, clean, easy to blend and combine, beautiful brown.

It lasts pretty much time, enough, in my opinion.

I use a E.l.f. thin brush, it doesn't come with an applicator.

I also got the 117-Flirty one, which is a light purple. Same descriptive notes apply.

Try it!


  1. i bought my mum some kind of light blue eyeshodow from miss sporty 'n it was way too glittery for "mum skin" 'n not so pigmented either... but that light brown u picked looks really nice (nice for me that is)
    hey, maybe u should do some kind of a blogroll so more people would know about your blog, i think your reviews are quite useful


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