Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seventeen Eyebrow pencil - Soft Black

I don't know how many of you use eyebrow pencils, but maybe some of u are and want a good one ;)
I use this one since 2007, over and over again. Maybe some preffer compact color for brows, but when u don't really have hair in ur brows or u have a tattoo and it needs retouching, this is the tool.
I am tattooed and already starts to go off. I lasted a year and a half.
Coming back to Seventeen's brow pencil, i have to say i luv the texture it gives, unlike other pencils that smudge, don't last, the color is too dark or too reddish. This is perfect in all those aspects. Lasts all day on combination skin, doesn't rubb off onto the clothes and u can rely on it. It's easy to sharpen and the top with the tiny brush comes in very handy. Even the 'Very black' one is not that kind of black u see old ladies wearing on the street :P They deserve a 10 for making such a great tool! Not expensive, either.

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