Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rimmel Liquid Liner in black

What i can say is: ew!
So liquid, so easy to smudge, the thingie is so light and difficult to use -for me- although, i looked for this kind of eyeliner, for very fine lines, easy too apply. I would not be surprised to find out it is actually great for some of u. I admit i'm not good at tracing lines with eyeliners. Astor with the pen-like tip. The other thing i hate at it, is that i has no tear resistance of any rank! So runny. I need a water-resistant, especially when is very cold or very sunny and hot, cuz my eyes tear.
Rating: 6!


  1. u should try the avon perfectly portable liquid eyeliner, or the miss sporty, fabulous 'something' eyeliner. they are really nice and really cheap ;;)

  2. hehe...thanks! I've tried both of them...Avon's perfectly portable gave me headaches and ended up broken and spreaded on the carpet :)))) It's ok, maybe it was my fault why it didn't wanna draw up one eye and the other one ... not. When i first tried it i thought i found a miracle, i was so excited that i ordered another one. :( And the Miss Sporty one, in comparison with this Rimmel Eyeliner it has a thicker applicator and is also runny if u have teary eyes. Like i said in other posts, what bad for me might be great for others and vice-versa! :D That's by these blogs are for \:D/ Thanks for ur comments!


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