Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pom Pon makeup removing towellets & Cleanic Wipes with GrapeVit

Since the makeup has to come off every night, i thought i might post this. 2 makeup removing towellets/moist wipes brands i like. The first, Pom Pon, pink, green and a blue, are 3 kinds of same makeup removers, each with a specific add-on, like anti-aging factors or dedicated to sensitive skin, etc. The pink one i have now, i got it on a special offer. I like all 3 ranges. They are very moist, big size, are very refreshing and really leaves u with a clean face. I wash after removing makeup, but maybe some don't feel the need. I need two of them every night. They come 20 pieces per package, seals well after opening and the last one is always the one with the most moist :D The Pom Pon wipes are at the middle price range, under Garnier, L'oreal etc. Good quality, i.m.o.
Rating: 10
The other brand i got instead of Pom Pon, `cause they hadn't any, same price range, Cleanic with grape extract, has a great smell, that makes me not wanna wash my face :) The plus it has is the hard plastic lid, which is ok, but not irreplaceable. Same rating: 10
Try it if u find it where u live. It's less expensive than buying a liquid makeup remover and cotton disks/balls. Confortable when u travel, 2in1, etc.

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  1. I love Pom Pon <3 They are really great !


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