Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Palette Color & Gloss hair dye - Double Espresso

I know i started out reviewing makeup products but i have to share my impressions about this hair dye.
I am originally light brown with chestnut hints and i use black hair dye since i was 16. I went through a discoloration process, at a beauty parlour, last year, in my urge to get light brown hair and ended up reddish brown, after a month i dyied it at home and got the wrong shade of brown and got back to black hair again 8-|
Today i went shopping for hair dye, no ammonia, preferably, since i've used this kind for almost a year, now and i couldn't find the new Garnier and got this one. Actually, they kinda look the same and i thought it's Garnier till i opened it to use it ;)) Silly! I chose Double Espresso shade because i know that the result is usually, darker than it's shown in the picture and i want to pass gradually to a medium brown. I'll show you pics of my hair after dying it:

In the sun it looks like this:

So practically, i got a dark brown with chocholate reflexes. Another aspect i liked very much was that my hair after blow-drying was so detangled, compared to other times when it felt weird...now it was so silky. Great, huh? And so cheap, no ammonia...i'll keep an eye on the changes and keep u updated. So far, so good.


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