Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Max Factor Eyeliner - Kohl Pencil

THIS is the perfect eyeliner for me. It's the brown one in the picture i took, because the black one is only 2-3 cm long, i have two of that size :))) eh, i'm using them! I need a new one.
It's looong lasting, doesn't run, smudge, lasts on combination skin, goes on very well on any type of eyeshadow, it's great! I had no sharpening problem, so it has good wood, i had no losses of core. Not expensive. I can't find any disadvantages, only good things to say about it. I use it on upper lid, between upper lashes and i find it too black for my lower lid but, brown eyed girls or anyone who likes a jet black lower line go for it!

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