Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Max Factor Color Collection Lipstick - Angel Pink

Hm! For some reason i wanted a pink lipstick, i was during work, before my wedding, had some stuff downtown and i got in my favourite make up shop here. I was in a hurry and the light inside wasn't strong, outside was very sunny, and i didn't notice the horror shade 8-| :)))) I'm laughing now, but i didn't when i got in the car and saw my lips! Well, what's to say... i had faith in Max Factor :P Big disappointment, cuz i can't imagine who/what would look good with this on :D

Recently, i looked for it, cuz i need a pastel lipstick, as opposed to Revlon's 'mauved pink' and Sephora's 'mauve glamour', which are pretty strong, and i tried using Garnier lip balm -repair, under it and looked ok!! (Maybe i've lowered my standards or smth) :D This Angel Pink, needs a little amount on lips, moisturised lips and looks pretty good, especially in artificial light, like when u go out, at night or something. But i need one for DAY look!!
That's what happens when u lose ur job...u wait for the moment u go and buy a freakin` lipstick. I think i'll go for my first favourite i finished last year in october, i think...Ga-de 503 Shine&Glide... :X very nice...i made a review on it, a while ago. Yup, i finished a lipstick, me! I never thought it's possible. :) How many lipsticks u liked that much u ran out of and wanted to buy more?

All in all, this trouble lipstick it's rated 6! :-P~~~~~~~~~

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