Tuesday, February 23, 2010

L'oreal Accord Parfait Minéral foundation and concealer

Well, last summer... i was desperate for a fresh look! What i considered appropriate to do is buy some mineral makeup since everybody was raving about it so much everywhere 8-| I knew it didn't come cheap and since i was mentally prepared to give that much for a mineral makeup i thought to myself, being in doubt it won't cover enough: 'i should buy the mineral concealer, too!' (psycho!)

So...i looked for shades, tried it on my hand, looked again and voom! payed and got out! I don't remember the shades but i believe that foundation was 'golden beige' and the concealer no. 02. My heart was pumping so hard, i was so excited about doing this and rushed home to try them on my face. I wiped out my face, washed it till squiky-clean and waited a few minutes.
And i started applying the foundation, round-round like they say in the commercial. Well, the foundation brush is too large in my opinion, for the under-eye area. Ok, i thought to myself. The color was great, not as yellow i thought it would be. I opened the concealer and brushed my under-eye area, not too much cuz i noticed how old it made my face look...gosshhh...i was so upset! It made me look faded, like an expired vegetable :)) I admit it had sparkly, illuminating particles that gave me a certain glow, but the under eye area was horrifying :)) I am still upset about it, even though i managed to sell them both, to someone, that week. Anyhow...don't buy mineral makeup untill u try it on ur face. I am not saying it's not a good product, maybe it makes most women look great, but i was 24 at the time, i don't have deep wrinkles, what the heck?! I really wished it worked out well for me... but, i'm sticking to the liquid one ;)


  1. Thanks for the review!!Nice to hear!!!

  2. Aw, thank you for reading. :) Hope someone loves these and didn't get through what i did! :))

  3. In primul rand, chestiile de la loreal, max factor si astor pe care scrie "mineral" sunt partial minerale, pentru ca ele contin intr-o oarecare proportie ingrediente minerale. Nu e un fdt mineral in adevaratul sens al cuvantului, cum sunt cele de la The all natural face si altele. In al doilea rand, cred ca ar ajuta sa aplici pe pielea hidratata bine, iar pensula sa fie umeda.


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