Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Herbagen Hand Cream!!!

Yuppie! It's great! Hands are major problem in winter time for me. All the dish washing, hand washing, going out, washing again...dries them so hard i get flakey :( :( :( When i was 'exiled' to freakin` Bucharest, as i was waiting in line to cash me in a loaf of bread and some crunchy stuff,(in MegaImage Store) i realised i was stuck next to a cosmetic row and about middle shelf i saw this white, little, plastic bottle. Feeling down and lonely i thought i needed for my november hands this, as i went there without any moisturising stuff, for three weeks. It isn't expensive, does moisturize very well, has a great, elegant smell, and i still have half of it!!(As u can see in picture above) Since middle november :> It's only 100 ml of lovely product and i use every day 2-3 push'ups, cuz yeah it has one. I rate it 10 plus!

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