Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garnier Lip Balm - Repair in red

The wintery winds and frosty weather made me buy this. The lipsticks i have didn't protect my lips because i don't like putting it on every 30 minutes, like a freak and i thought this one comes in more handy. And it does, cuz u dont need a mirror for applying it and u can pull it out of ur pocket without everybody turning heads. ;)) or not. What can i mention about it: -nice smell, similar to Garnier body repair cream
-stiff stick, not very creamy
-quite hard to consume, much product
-protects well
-repair...not so much...lips peal off very often anyway.
Ummm...i'm not a huge fan of lip balms, since i tried Avon lip balm with bronze effect or something like that and had a terrible allergic reaction. I suppose it makes the cuts in it's category. The range contains 3 or 4 different sticks : green, orange, red more? ... ... pink, of course! How could i forget pink? Geez :)) Me and pink, doughnuts and diet 8-|
Rating: 9


  1. I'm a boy, but winters and especially when skiing I have the same lip problem and today I bought this. I also think it's a bit stiff. Leocrema neutral (the blue one)is the best I have ever used. But these sticks are only for protection. The best way to repair your lips is to lubricate them with butter before going to bed. I have heard the same for bee honey, but i haven't tried it yet. :)

  2. Hey, thank u very much for ur comment and tips! I really appreciate it! Nivea Hydro Care is nice, too!


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