Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fancy natural buttersoaps with chocholate&almond tint :-p~~~

I got this set of 3 soap balls, (not 2, as shown) the size of ping-pong balls, last year... ocasion of...Valentine's ?!?!! I think... Thanks, luv!!! :D:D:">:-":*:X

Beside the main plastic foil, they have individual foils, so the perfume doesn't get away easily. It smells like soap mixed with chocholate tints, contains 20% shea butter and other good for skin ingredients, beside few chemicals. It lasts long time, i only used one so far, but i took time off using it, i admit. Anyway, i was glad i found them and remembered they are for usage! I was that glad that i washed my face with it, this morning! Which i never-ever do!! I never put soap on my face. It wasn't that bad, dried a little my face, but olay came in help and moiturised it. The brand that makes it isn't mentioned. That's my full of surprises hubby!

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