Wednesday, February 10, 2010

E.L.F. eyeshadow brushes

In a small shopping center in my town i saw at the end of escalators, a small counter and a highschool girl selling, Elf products, a few of them. My eyes got bigger at the sight of prices and i stopped. Very, very cheap and what i had to buy was a mauve/lila/...some other shades in a quad (not great) and one of the brushes in the pic. For the other two i returned to buy, cause i liked them very much. I wanted an eyeliner one, for black eyeshadow application, the stiff and thin kind, but there wasn't and i bought the thiny one, instead. For the record, doesn't do the trick, but is useful, too. They are my first brushes and come in very handy since not all eyeshadows come with a little applicator and's a different feeling and result when u use them. Very nice, natural squirrel or 'what the heck' hair :D I was really surprised it's not plastic. They look like this, after a year. I would lie if i'd say i've used them very much. Anyway, the brushes are great! Does anyone have them?
Rating: 10!

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