Monday, February 22, 2010

Deborah Milano Foundation - Light On

Last year, as i was searching for the perfect foundation to wear on my wedding day, i glazed at the pictures from a magazine for brides, of this foundation.
I went to the store i knew they had this brand and tried it on my hand. Of course, i couldn't tell if it'll be ok for me or not till i took one home :D
First impression: air-whipped, light-weight consistency, smooth...
After wearing it a few minutes i noticed it dried up, looking like a veil over my face (winter face-not moisturised) and the coverage wasn't great for my freckles.
Not bad, though, i think, for someone who doesn't have major needs, it would be very suitable.
The thing i loved the most about this foundation was the smell...oh, i adore it. It says it is hypoallergenic but it has a really nice perfume. The pump works fine. The price isn't huge, i give it a 9,5. :) I'm really curious of trying out those other 2 foundations from Deborah : 24h Perfect and Colour Copy for combination skin. Maybe someone can tell me stuff about them. Thanks!

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  1. I like Deborah Milano, but in my country we doesnt have Light on foundation, but mascaras and eye shadow are great. :)


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