Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Astor foundation - Age Vitality 300

Being on a budget these few months i thought to myself i should buy a foundation that goes along well with L'oreal Visible Lift with serum, shade Porcelaine which is too light, creates a more natural look than Superstay silky (which is great), sculpts the face by playing with the two shades, 300 and porcelaine, is good for my winter complexion and...i mostly succeeded. Mostly, because the look isn't that natural, the shades gotta be very well proportioned if i want that sculpt look and for some reason, it tends to look greasy after a few hours. Anyway, the most important reason i didn't mention, is that this way, i bought one bottle and by mixing it with the one i had, i'm 'supplied' for 2 months, which i think is great, financially. Ah, and i got an offer, half price off :)) :P Superstay silky is enough for one month on me :( of course, it has on the bottom pretty much foundation, but doesn't come out properly and that's when i consider one month of usage and i have to buy another one. :D
So, getting back on Astor Age Vitality: creamy, thick composition, pretty strong, nice smell, that bothers me a little, good/medium coverage, offers nice glow and vitality to skin, not very blendable, but if u're well moisturised it's ok and lasts a couple of hours (~4 on combination skin). What i noticed and i didn't like was the greasy look that tends to turn into, after those few hours. I'm not sure it's worth the money if u don't combine it with something that 'cools' it down. Visible Lift with Serum inside by L'oreal is way better and gives the glow with the help of light particles, not by shiny ... liquid like the Astor Age Vitality does. The wrinkles aren't minimised, either. And another one comes in my mind: Antistress and Lift by Astor i think i like it better than Age Vitality, even though it doesn't cover as much.The 300 shade is different, more beautiful and natural looking. I have a full review on it.
My rating is 8.

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