Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What are looking for in a foundation?

For me, I know exactly how it's suppose to be. Let's see how impossible it's yours :)))

Alix Avien Matt foundation

I remember that my first hair dye i ever used was made by Alix Avien and i thought they were french :)) well, it sounds french! They are actually, turkish and i recently found out this aspect. I saw for a long time an Alix Avien makeup counter in Carrefour, but i never bought anything. I met it in another store, too and when i asked about their foundation the sales woman said with a mug face "it's turkish..." Not even tryied, till today. What u see in the pic is a tester, shade 104, beautiful, medium beige. It has a strong cosmetic smell and dries up very fast, too fast for me to cover half of my face. And i'm a quikie in applying foundation. Maybe it's the tester... Anyway, i don't recommend it.

[b]basic Eyebrow pencil/Augenbrauenstift 03

I got this from my mother-in-law last year for my birthday. The thought matters, right?
Well, i wasn't even curious to try it out. It's way too black and even though my hair is, too, it's not right to have that black eyebrows, it's hideous. I thought using it for eyes, but it's made for eyebrows so, i rather keep myself on the safe side and keep it as it is. [b]basic is a cheap brand of cosmetics from Germany, i don't remember buying anything from this maker, but if i'll ever go back for a visit, i will take a look.

Miss Sporty eyeliner - Magic (greenish black)

Oh, i know it looks bad...like a piece of crap, but i love it! :))) It's such a cute color especially for my bicolored eyes. The 'magic'(that's how it's called) color isn't pure black, but black and dark green, a beautiful green tint. It's not very long lasting, but i still like it very much. Sharpens well. Good eyeliner, overall.

Max Factor Eyeliner - Kohl Pencil

THIS is the perfect eyeliner for me. It's the brown one in the picture i took, because the black one is only 2-3 cm long, i have two of that size :))) eh, i'm using them! I need a new one.
It's looong lasting, doesn't run, smudge, lasts on combination skin, goes on very well on any type of eyeshadow, it's great! I had no sharpening problem, so it has good wood, i had no losses of core. Not expensive. I can't find any disadvantages, only good things to say about it. I use it on upper lid, between upper lashes and i find it too black for my lower lid but, brown eyed girls or anyone who likes a jet black lower line go for it!

Maybelline Eyeliner -Matic - Intense Black

I received this eyeliner on special offer when Maybelline had a promotion.(if u buy any two other products u can choose from eyebrow pencil, this eyeliner-matic or color mix eyeliner).
And what i think now is 'Thank God i didn't pay for it', cuz it's too soft and kinda greasy. I only use it between upper lashes and it's ok. Maybe they kept them in heat or something. Donno. The color really is intense but, the tip doesn't get sharpened by the inside of the cap and gets too thick for a fine line like it's suppose to do.

Seventeen Eyebrow pencil - Soft Black

I don't know how many of you use eyebrow pencils, but maybe some of u are and want a good one ;)
I use this one since 2007, over and over again. Maybe some preffer compact color for brows, but when u don't really have hair in ur brows or u have a tattoo and it needs retouching, this is the tool.
I am tattooed and already starts to go off. I lasted a year and a half.
Coming back to Seventeen's brow pencil, i have to say i luv the texture it gives, unlike other pencils that smudge, don't last, the color is too dark or too reddish. This is perfect in all those aspects. Lasts all day on combination skin, doesn't rubb off onto the clothes and u can rely on it. It's easy to sharpen and the top with the tiny brush comes in very handy. Even the 'Very black' one is not that kind of black u see old ladies wearing on the street :P They deserve a 10 for making such a great tool! Not expensive, either.

Revlon nail polish - Sheer Peach

Although, at first sight, it's very liquid and pale and comparing to other similar laquers, (Miss Sporty's Voila which is so pink in the bottle and so colorless on nails) u might think it will be like a plain top coat, but it isn't. :) To my surprise, i liked it in a single coat on my nails, but i had to see how it is when i apply two coats. It actually has pigment and tiny shiny particles, so discreet. It's perfect for a nude, clean manichure. It says it's longlasting and so far i have to believe what they say and come back to tell for sure, after two or three days.

Palette Color & Gloss hair dye - Double Espresso

I know i started out reviewing makeup products but i have to share my impressions about this hair dye.
I am originally light brown with chestnut hints and i use black hair dye since i was 16. I went through a discoloration process, at a beauty parlour, last year, in my urge to get light brown hair and ended up reddish brown, after a month i dyied it at home and got the wrong shade of brown and got back to black hair again 8-|
Today i went shopping for hair dye, no ammonia, preferably, since i've used this kind for almost a year, now and i couldn't find the new Garnier and got this one. Actually, they kinda look the same and i thought it's Garnier till i opened it to use it ;)) Silly! I chose Double Espresso shade because i know that the result is usually, darker than it's shown in the picture and i want to pass gradually to a medium brown. I'll show you pics of my hair after dying it:

In the sun it looks like this:

So practically, i got a dark brown with chocholate reflexes. Another aspect i liked very much was that my hair after blow-drying was so detangled, compared to other times when it felt weird...now it was so silky. Great, huh? And so cheap, no ammonia...i'll keep an eye on the changes and keep u updated. So far, so good.

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

I've used two Vinyl Gloss, one was mauvey and the other peachy, i am naming that way because i don't remember their original shade name and on their website i can't find them. Anyway, they are sheer, but not that sheer that u don't have any color on ur lips. I personally, like them, even though i am not a huge gloss lover. They smell nice, last pretty long, they come cheap and the shades are beautiful and natural looking. It feels great when u have it on, doesn't give u weird happenings. Cool gloss!

L'oreal Accord Parfait Minéral foundation and concealer

Well, last summer... i was desperate for a fresh look! What i considered appropriate to do is buy some mineral makeup since everybody was raving about it so much everywhere 8-| I knew it didn't come cheap and since i was mentally prepared to give that much for a mineral makeup i thought to myself, being in doubt it won't cover enough: 'i should buy the mineral concealer, too!' (psycho!)

So...i looked for shades, tried it on my hand, looked again and voom! payed and got out! I don't remember the shades but i believe that foundation was 'golden beige' and the concealer no. 02. My heart was pumping so hard, i was so excited about doing this and rushed home to try them on my face. I wiped out my face, washed it till squiky-clean and waited a few minutes.
And i started applying the foundation, round-round like they say in the commercial. Well, the foundation brush is too large in my opinion, for the under-eye area. Ok, i thought to myself. The color was great, not as yellow i thought it would be. I opened the concealer and brushed my under-eye area, not too much cuz i noticed how old it made my face look...gosshhh...i was so upset! It made me look faded, like an expired vegetable :)) I admit it had sparkly, illuminating particles that gave me a certain glow, but the under eye area was horrifying :)) I am still upset about it, even though i managed to sell them both, to someone, that week. Anyhow...don't buy mineral makeup untill u try it on ur face. I am not saying it's not a good product, maybe it makes most women look great, but i was 24 at the time, i don't have deep wrinkles, what the heck?! I really wished it worked out well for me... but, i'm sticking to the liquid one ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Deborah Milano Foundation - Light On

Last year, as i was searching for the perfect foundation to wear on my wedding day, i glazed at the pictures from a magazine for brides, of this foundation.
I went to the store i knew they had this brand and tried it on my hand. Of course, i couldn't tell if it'll be ok for me or not till i took one home :D
First impression: air-whipped, light-weight consistency, smooth...
After wearing it a few minutes i noticed it dried up, looking like a veil over my face (winter face-not moisturised) and the coverage wasn't great for my freckles.
Not bad, though, i think, for someone who doesn't have major needs, it would be very suitable.
The thing i loved the most about this foundation was the smell...oh, i adore it. It says it is hypoallergenic but it has a really nice perfume. The pump works fine. The price isn't huge, i give it a 9,5. :) I'm really curious of trying out those other 2 foundations from Deborah : 24h Perfect and Colour Copy for combination skin. Maybe someone can tell me stuff about them. Thanks!

L'oreal Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick - Blondes

I really didn't know what to expect from a L'oreal lipstick so, i might say i am a little bit ... disappointed?! :-S Thank God i didn't pay for it... that's the first thing comes in my mind. That can't be good, right?

So...detailssss: Texture: very smooth, thin, sheer, pearly. The color i chose is for Blondes, but looks good on me, though. Maybe it's the too much pearl effect that i don't love that much. Looks like an ordinary gloss...it doesn't scream expensive lipstick :)) or look at my lips or wow, ur face looks great...

It's just a lipstick after all. Try it and try it till u are sure it's what u want to buy. Go in natural light, too! I can't say i hate it and i always find a mood to wear it. So, i'm indecisive for its rating. I'll think about it. ;)

Rimmel London Lipstick Lasting finish Intense Wear - Celeb Shade

Although i had a lipstick from this range that i bought on special offer with red nail polish and i hated it, now i wish i wouldn't have thrown it. (It was a hot red)
This shade is called 'Celeb' and i love it. It's a special pink, not too hot, not too pale, perfect for adding a little color to medium complexion. The texture is rich, not too creamy, the shape is perfect for contouring lips, without needing a lip liner, the smell is pretty strong, candy like, i'd say.
It lasts a couple of hours and to my surprise is non-drying. For being sure ur lips won't dry out, use a lip balm under it and u'll look and feel great. I used Garnier Repair lip balm and i was very pleased.
It a cheap lipstick, one of the cheapest there is at the makeup department and the product quantity isn't much. U can see in the picture.
As long as it won't give me allergies i'll say i like it very much, enough to rate it 9,5.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

I have tried out all three kind of Extra Super Lash: regular black, waterproof and curled brush. I first heard of Rimmel Extra Super Lash from a friend of mine, while we were in college and were both, on a budget :) So, i told her to get me one, from the hypermarket where she worked as a merchandiser. (not for Rimmel London) It was cheap at the time, still is.
The brush is perfect size, in my opinion, not too thick, not too thin, not too long nor too short. Regular mascara brush, perfect for reaching every tiny lash that's fresh grown...u know what i'm talking about. I always stroke them 3 coats and worked fine. I really think that, if Oriflame would ever cancel Wonder Lash i'd come back to this mascara.
About the mascara for curly lashes i can't really say i loved it, i preffer the straight one for some reason. It matches better with my eye shape, maybe. Donno y.
The waterproof Extra Super Lash: i tried it when i got the regular one and this one at the price of one, on special offer at my fav. makeup shop in town. The blue one. Well, i never was a big fan of waterproof mascaras, although i have sensitive eyes that can give me surprises anytime. I think i just had bad experiences with my first tries with waterproof, cheap, bad mascara in my early teens. :) About this one i can say it didn't amaze me in any way and as i remember, in 2007 when i was using them one after another, month after month, it ran down my face when i cried...so...maybe one coat and go to swimming pool, don't cry and don't challenge it too much! :D Did u like this mascara?

Max Factor Age Renew

I am thinking of this foundation since i first heard of it. The shade i think i want is 70-Natural. I saw it isn't cheap and because i have tried many, many foundations and made lots of wrong choices, i am now, very careful about trying new stuff. I refuse to waste my money or wear something i don't like or doesn't suit me, just because i payed for it. So, i want to know YOUR opinion of those of u, who have tried it and let me know a few details, please. I've read good reviews on makeupalley and dooyoo, but i want to see ur opinions about Age Renew. Thanks! Mwahhhs!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garnier Pure 2in1 Face Cleanser&Mask

And the last review for today is my cleanser i use for the past 2-3 years in a row, in different types of Garnier Pure facial cleansers. This one has those blue, micro particles that scrub off everything and leaves u so squicky clean. Great feeling! The smell is so subtle and one or two of the cleansers in this range is minty. Luv that one, too! That one has a pump. Anyway, good quality for it's price, great choice for any period of the year. The amount is a large one, enough for...um...like a year?! Depends on the number of people using it...1,2...once/twice/day... good value for the money, in any case!
Rating: 10

Fancy natural buttersoaps with chocholate&almond tint :-p~~~

I got this set of 3 soap balls, (not 2, as shown) the size of ping-pong balls, last year... for...um...the ocasion of...Valentine's ?!?!! I think... Thanks, luv!!! :D:D:">:-":*:X

Beside the main plastic foil, they have individual foils, so the perfume doesn't get away easily. It smells like soap mixed with chocholate tints, contains 20% shea butter and other good for skin ingredients, beside few chemicals. It lasts long time, i only used one so far, but i took time off using it, i admit. Anyway, i was glad i found them and remembered they are for usage! I was that glad that i washed my face with it, this morning! Which i never-ever do!! I never put soap on my face. It wasn't that bad, anyway...it dried a little my face, but olay came in help and moiturised it. The brand that makes it isn't mentioned. That's my full of surprises hubby!

Rimmel Nail Rescue 2 weeks-treatment

Well, this is my hubby's clear coat, actually :D But i've used it, toooo! :D:D:D I chose it for him :P I read the rescue thing...i didn't get what's the point of using it like that, the main idea is that it works as a clear coat, as well. Lasts very long. Not only on his nails :)) Mine, too! I'm making the review...though, i should ask him more details, he used it more than me :)) He'll post a comment, most probably!

So...it's ok, as a top coat, single, every way u like it. I recommend it.
Rating:10 -the best for the best husband-

Lady Manhattan Repair oil for nails

I bought this thinking of a clear coat...haha...stupid! I know! That's the shop's fault for not having testers :P:P:P:P :-" I had cuticule oil before, with some small flowers in it which was great.
I know it says "Repair oil", but i didn't think it's an ... actual oil! `tis!
So...for cold winter nights...when u wanna pamper urself...put this on clean nails and wait...donno how long...i couldn't last more than half hour! I had stuff to do! Can't sit with my hands up like a bigmomma!
So...the fullfilling of it's goal...maybe yea, maybe not...i'll try it some more and i'll get back to this!

Pierre Cardin Moisturising body milk- Winter Edition 2008

I got this with the spray perfume with the same name, in a gift set from my husby, in december 2008! :X Well, i like the smell, but my allergy is stopping me from using it :(( The moisturiser is rich in perfume, so u don't need anything else. It smoothens the skin well, the perfume lasts and even comes out trough the clothes! :)

Miss Sporty nail polish - Et voilà, french manicure!

The pretty colour u see, isn't by far what u get on ur nail! I didn't buy the white nail laquer, so i wear it solely, and it looks almost colorless, like the plain one. Well, it is a cheap, miss sporty nail polish...Doesn't last 7 days as it says on the bottle, either. Not if u wash dishes and urself :P So...by the fact it's not what it says i rate it 4.

Priorities Sugar Babes Creamy Praline - body milk

Keep away from children, dogs and...hubbies! They might eat it :))) or u! (while wearing it) So yummmy smelling!! A very rich cream in amount of 80 ml in a hard plastic tube, on sale at Sephora, of course. Super sweet smell and moisturising properties. Not very expensive and worths every dime if u love this kind of 'treats'. ;)
Rating for moisturising: 10!

Herbagen Hand Cream!!!

Yuppie! It's great! Hands are major problem in winter time for me. All the dish washing, hand washing, going out, washing again...dries them so hard i get flakey :( :( :( When i was 'exiled' to freakin` Bucharest, as i was waiting in line to cash me in a loaf of bread and some crunchy stuff,(in MegaImage Store) i realised i was stuck next to a cosmetic row and about middle shelf i saw this white, little, plastic bottle. Feeling down and lonely i thought i needed for my november hands this, as i went there without any moisturising stuff, for three weeks. It isn't expensive, does moisturize very well, has a great, elegant smell, and i still have half of it!!(As u can see in picture above) Since middle november 2009...eh? :> It's only 100 ml of lovely product and i use every day 2-3 push'ups, cuz yeah it has one. I rate it 10 plus!

Dulgon Body Milk

Um...cheap, strong perfume, doesn't do what it promises, but it's ok than nothing at all :)) Before u think of buying it, smell it once.....then again....and again...it's not that nice! Very liquid...duh...it's body milk Hope it's going to vanish soon...or get out of term :P
Rating: 6

Garnier Lip Balm - Repair in red

The wintery winds and frosty weather made me buy this. The lipsticks i have didn't protect my lips because i don't like putting it on every 30 minutes, like a freak and i thought this one comes in more handy. And it does, cuz u dont need a mirror for applying it and u can pull it out of ur pocket without everybody turning heads. ;)) or not. What can i mention about it: -nice smell, similar to Garnier body repair cream
-stiff stick, not very creamy
-quite hard to consume, much product
-protects well
-repair...not so much...lips peal off very often anyway.
Ummm...i'm not a huge fan of lip balms, since i tried Avon lip balm with bronze effect or something like that and had a terrible allergic reaction. I suppose it makes the cuts in it's category. The range contains 3 or 4 different sticks : green, orange, red and...one more? ... ... pink, of course! How could i forget pink? Geez :)) Me and pink, doughnuts and diet 8-|
Rating: 9

Tratament pentru regenerarea parului - Farmec - Gerovital Plant

Pentru cine vrea un tratament eficient, recomand cu caldura setul acesta. Lotiunea contine petroleum, are si parfum, miroase un pic cam puternic, insa merita efortul. Se tine 3-4 ore pe parul uscat, o data/doua ori pe saptamana. Samponul il folosesc de cateva luni si recunosc, cu lotiunea nu m'am dat decat de vreo 3 ori in 6 luni si am deja al doilea rand de pufulet pe frunte. :) Peste cativa ani, parul va fi mult mai bogat, mai ales ca intentionez sa raman la samponul asta. Nu costa foarte mult. Multa bafta si cat mai putin stress, pentru un par bogat si sanatos! ;)

Hair regenerating treatment set u can find in Romania :) Very efficient, fast results, easy to use, not expensive and proved by me ... on me. :)

Pom Pon makeup removing towellets & Cleanic Wipes with GrapeVit

Since the makeup has to come off every night, i thought i might post this. 2 makeup removing towellets/moist wipes brands i like. The first, Pom Pon, pink, green and a blue, are 3 kinds of same makeup removers, each with a specific add-on, like anti-aging factors or dedicated to sensitive skin, etc. The pink one i have now, i got it on a special offer. I like all 3 ranges. They are very moist, big size, are very refreshing and really leaves u with a clean face. I wash after removing makeup, but maybe some don't feel the need. I need two of them every night. They come 20 pieces per package, seals well after opening and the last one is always the one with the most moist :D The Pom Pon wipes are at the middle price range, under Garnier, L'oreal etc. Good quality, i.m.o.
Rating: 10
The other brand i got instead of Pom Pon, `cause they hadn't any, same price range, Cleanic with grape extract, has a great smell, that makes me not wanna wash my face :) The plus it has is the hard plastic lid, which is ok, but not irreplaceable. Same rating: 10
Try it if u find it where u live. It's less expensive than buying a liquid makeup remover and cotton disks/balls. Confortable when u travel, 2in1, etc.

E.L.F. eyeshadow brushes

In a small shopping center in my town i saw at the end of escalators, a small counter and a highschool girl selling, Elf products, a few of them. My eyes got bigger at the sight of prices and i stopped. Very, very cheap and what i had to buy was a mauve/lila/...some other shades in a quad (not great) and one of the brushes in the pic. For the other two i returned to buy, cause i liked them very much. I wanted an eyeliner one, for black eyeshadow application, the stiff and thin kind, but there wasn't and i bought the thiny one, instead. For the record, doesn't do the trick, but is useful, too. They are my first brushes and come in very handy since not all eyeshadows come with a little applicator and ...it's a different feeling and result when u use them. Very nice, natural squirrel or 'what the heck' hair :D I was really surprised it's not plastic. They look like this, after a year. I would lie if i'd say i've used them very much. Anyway, the brushes are great! Does anyone have them?
Rating: 10!

Miss Sporty liquid eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is too cheap for it's value! I was very surprised by it. The shade is great, not too metallic, dries up fast, the pen is easy to use, spreads out evenly, stays on long, doesn't fade a glitter of it, comes off easily with makeup removing towelletes. Rating: 10!

Rimmel Liquid Liner in black

What i can say is: ew!
So liquid, so easy to smudge, the thingie is so light and difficult to use -for me- although, i looked for this kind of eyeliner, for very fine lines, easy too apply. I would not be surprised to find out it is actually great for some of u. I admit i'm not good at tracing lines with eyeliners. Astor with the pen-like tip. The other thing i hate at it, is that i has no tear resistance of any rank! So runny. I need a water-resistant, especially when is very cold or very sunny and hot, cuz my eyes tear.
Rating: 6!

Sephora Lip contour

It looks like this, the shade is what u see... goes great with that lipstick/tinted balm i mentioned over and over again, Glamour mauve. I'm not good at this kind of products, i'm still a newbie at lipstick/contour category. It stays on, it's soft, almost creamy, due to my hot lips, maybe :P:P:P:P kidding! It's ok, i guess. Rating: 10
Maybe u can tell me what's to review on a lip contour crayon/pencil! Thanks!

Sephora eyeliner- olive green

!!!! I appologize for the bad pics !!!!

In my acute need of 'greening' my eyes, last spring, i went to Sephora and looked for a mauvie lipstick and green/olive eyeliner/crayon, and i got...this little piece of wooden crap! It was very cheap, but what the hell?!?! It's yucky...and u might end up lined on only one eye, cuz at the other went off, with teary glande :P Like Marilyn Manson! Ooh!
The colour is great, though... too bad :-< Rating: 5!

Max Factor Color Collection Lipstick - Angel Pink

Hm! For some reason i wanted a pink lipstick, i was during work, before my wedding, had some stuff downtown and i got in my favourite make up shop here. I was in a hurry and the light inside wasn't strong, outside was very sunny, and i didn't notice the horror shade 8-| :)))) I'm laughing now, but i didn't when i got in the car and saw my lips! Well, what's to say... i had faith in Max Factor :P Big disappointment, cuz i can't imagine who/what would look good with this on :D

Recently, i looked for it, cuz i need a pastel lipstick, as opposed to Revlon's 'mauved pink' and Sephora's 'mauve glamour', which are pretty strong, and i tried using Garnier lip balm -repair, under it and looked ok!! (Maybe i've lowered my standards or smth) :D This Angel Pink, needs a little amount on lips, moisturised lips and looks pretty good, especially in artificial light, like when u go out, at night or something. But i need one for DAY look!!
That's what happens when u lose ur job...u wait for the moment u go and buy a freakin` lipstick. I think i'll go for my first favourite i finished last year in october, i think...Ga-de 503 Shine&Glide... :X very nice...i made a review on it, a while ago. Yup, i finished a lipstick, me! I never thought it's possible. :) How many lipsticks u liked that much u ran out of and wanted to buy more?

All in all, this trouble lipstick it's rated 6! :-P~~~~~~~~~

Maybelline eyeshadow duo - 703 Cashmere Brown

When i saw these i thought i've found the perfect shades of ... nude browns i was sighing for, all this time. Well, it didn't amaze me when i got it on, actually. 'They' are ok, very nice, subtle, goes on well, but 'they' are more beautiful in the box. :D It's an old, cheap, eyeshadow's fault, that i bought in Germany, 2 years ago, that looked the same and had...super effect and made my eyes so green. Never think that it looks the same and does the same :D
It's weird. I like it anyway. The comparison ruins the joy, i suppose :)
I usually don't compare anything :D
My rating: 9.8!

Astor foundation - Age Vitality 300

Being on a budget these few months i thought to myself i should buy a foundation that goes along well with L'oreal Visible Lift with serum, shade Porcelaine which is too light, creates a more natural look than Superstay silky (which is great), sculpts the face by playing with the two shades, 300 and porcelaine, is good for my winter complexion and...i mostly succeeded. Mostly, because the look isn't that natural, the shades gotta be very well proportioned if i want that sculpt look and for some reason, it tends to look greasy after a few hours. Anyway, the most important reason i didn't mention, is that this way, i bought one bottle and by mixing it with the one i had, i'm 'supplied' for 2 months, which i think is great, financially. Ah, and i got an offer, half price off :)) :P Superstay silky is enough for one month on me :( of course, it has on the bottom pretty much foundation, but doesn't come out properly and that's when i consider one month of usage and i have to buy another one. :D
So, getting back on Astor Age Vitality: creamy, thick composition, pretty strong, nice smell, that bothers me a little, good/medium coverage, offers nice glow and vitality to skin, not very blendable, but if u're well moisturised it's ok and lasts a couple of hours (~4 on combination skin). What i noticed and i didn't like was the greasy look that tends to turn into, after those few hours. I'm not sure it's worth the money if u don't combine it with something that 'cools' it down. Visible Lift with Serum inside by L'oreal is way better and gives the glow with the help of light particles, not by shiny ... liquid like the Astor Age Vitality does. The wrinkles aren't minimised, either. And another one comes in my mind: Antistress and Lift by Astor i think i like it better than Age Vitality, even though it doesn't cover as much.The 300 shade is different, more beautiful and natural looking. I have a full review on it.
My rating is 8.

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