Thursday, November 18, 2010

Swatches - Foundations

Well, since i'm home sick all this week i shuffled and shuffled from blog to blog and wondered...what makes a successful blog?
I personally rarely find the patience to read the content and i  like to see pictures, lots n lots of pictures of colors, shades, swatches, u name it. What are your favourite things u like to find in a blog?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lash Accelerator Rimmel London Mascara

Second thought impressions ;))
In my first review i was saying that Lash Accelerator is awful, sticky bla bla...Well, after a few more uses it becomes a different mascara! Its because the quantity, its too much coming out at first 2-5 uses.
It really nice to use, after all, but still...twice as expensive to clean it off...I need an extra cleansing wipe when i use Lash Accelerator Mascara. About the growth factor...havent 'met' it yet :P Maybe that will surprise me, too!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara L'Oreal

I start describing it by using the word 'interesting'...yes, this is an interesting mascara. The brush is made of silicon i guess, is easy to use, i.m.o, but the thing that makes it different is the thickness of the paste. If u've tried it, u know what i mean. Its like u have to spread the paste from bottom to top of ur lashes, is kinda gluey, but not in a bad way, cuz it gives u enough time to do so. It dries ok, accepts 2 coats, but from the first one i can say it's enough - for the first time ever, in my life! I usually wear 2-3 coats, but Telescopic does the trick with half the job. I can say its a good one. I wouldnt recommend it to beginners.

It happened to cry and it looked just fine :D

Color Appeal Platinum eyeshadow L'Oreal 152 Beige Platinum

The perfect eyeshadow for a glowy, golden/tan look. I like it in every aspect, texture, color, pigments, staying powder, ease of applying, etc. It just perfect for it's shade name.

Makes green eyes look great!

L'Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Lipstick Doutzen Kroes 717

This is my new favourite item! I absolutely love it and i'm not giving it a break since i bought it (as u can see)

Its very hard to take good pictures indoors. Sorry for the bad pictures.

The quality of my lips skin has improved visibly since i use it, it lasts pretty long and really hydrates. Looks awesome all the time, this lipstick has amazed me. The color is so sweet and beautiful, even with the glitter and everything. It looks really well in any light, trust me! This has to be tried to see it for urself, its that kind of thing ;)

Bourjois eyeshadow 34 - rose tentation

2in1: pink and gold in a sheer, soft eyeshadow.

I personally like it, its so subtle, fresh looking. It's not very pigmented and i gave it another utilization: as a blush. :)

Looks better than what it does :))

Affinitone Mineral Fawn

I was surprised to see 'fawn' this light! I doesnt turn darker, it stays just like u see it. In my opinion is a very beautiful shade, natural and balanced, even on my light skin. Absolutely beautiful! The coverage is light, it doesnt last on more than 3 hours, it's easy to apply, very nice textured. I like the fact that it doesnt contain as many craps as other foundations, but the staying powerrrrr lacks, for me is an important factor. Accepts translucide powder on top and looks so natural, unbelievably nice!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

FREEMAN facial Gel Scrub Raspberry

Since i found it at the same price as Clean&Clear, in a dm store, i thought i give it a go. I was attracted to the way it looks, to be honest and i cant say i made a bad choice.
It smells like fresh raspberry and contains scrubbing particles, size of sugar ones. It does need a lot of water to wash it off but does a good job. It might dry up the face a bit too much. Clean&Clear is gentler. It says it contains natural ingredients. :D

Manhattan mono eyeshadows

Manhattan eyeshadows
Shades, left to right: 51N, 316, 53C and 215.
They are mini eyeshadows, made especially for MyBox case which u can fill up with the products u like and are available in this size.
These look kinda crappy cuz they are almost expired :)) i think :P Well, they arent fresh, either! I took a peak at their new site and i couldnt find them.
What can i say about them is that they come in different textures, smooth and fine or glittery and 'sprinkly' all over the face (which i hate, but its maybe cuz of they've been a while in the store).
I like the non-glittery ones better, meaning from these four 316 and 215.
The first one is, like i said sprinkly and doesnt go on smooth over the eyelid, but the color is cute and fresh. Light pink.
The second is the green, looks ok, i can say i like it.
Probably my favourite is 53C, the coral-peach and the last one is awfully pink. They are very pigmented, especially the pink one - it should be a blush.
I wouldnt buy these, in conclusion.
I've used on my arm Revlon Colorstay before the eyeshadows, in Sand Beige 180.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Vinyl Gloss by Rimmel 190 Pin up

Yum yum
Beautiful color, i adore it!
Hydrates, stays on for more than 2 hrs, doesnt compare to the old Vinyl Gloss.

I really like it...til its smell....vanilla scent, same as the one in rimmel lipsticks. Why the heck did they add it to this super nice gloss?!
PS: the color isnt that pink, actually...its a hot reddish-pink :D

Second skin Max Factor

I mentioned one bad choice after another...this is the second one!
I got the 70-Natural shade.
It changes color, oxidizes, makes the pores look darker, looks uneven, a word: grose!
Ok, it looks natural, adapts somehow to skin tone, but what about the other things i mentioned??? It's not cheap, either. The container is ok, i can use it after i finish/throw this foundation.
The color looks beautiful...first few seconds. :(
Did i say it does not cover? It has no coverage level...
I declare it the weirdest foundation!

Revlon Custom Creations

They don't mention anything about the content's, i gave it a go which turned into a big no-no :P
I posted it on sale on a specialized site at half price.
I got the one in Light range of shades, my fav shade being 03 and i dreamt of using 03 all over and as i like, a lighter shade under my eyes and center of my forehead. Well, my dream didnt come true, 03 turns extremely yellow on my pale face, changes color, somehow and i look patchy....hhhhh! I didn't even try the 01 and 02, a main disadvantage i discovered was the fact that after setting the dial, for ex. at 3, u give one push, use the amount and after this u want a bit of 02 it pushes foundation shade 03 again, because the 'straw' is large and a lot of product comes out at once but not enough to empty it. So, maybe i'm wrong... i hope i'll give it away soon...cuz i got sick of my superstay silky 16h and made a bad choice after another and all foundations ended up on that site for sale. :( Now, i'm waiting for a sale to purchase something i can use and look normal :((
I hate it when i make wrong choices. I feel guilty... but, let's come back to Revlon Custom Creations. The coverage is poor, medium, to be kind. Has no smell, goes on well, but when it dries...stays there and i think it kinda dries to quickly.
I am really confused about this, i had such hopes and it's pricey, too... It has 2 containers, 2 different shades and if u use only the lighter shades and u want a darker shade u'll get stuck with the darkest foundation u wont be able to use because the mixing wont be possible. I am not very coherent but u're smarties and u'll figure it out :D My confusion is related to this property and to the probability that i'll only use half of it, fact that i couldnt have guessed when i bought it. When i took the decision of buying it i really liked the middle shade 03 which turned out to be different than it looks and changed everything.
About its lasting power i can say it does last good 8 hours and might be ok for oily T zones.
Another thing i like about it is that it has no perfume, like i expected.
So...if u feel tempted by it, be very careful with the shades changes and really try it before u buy it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

alverde gloss

Due to their 'natural ingredients' statement i felt tempted to try the gloss. I liked this shade,(they don't have many) especially in the store light :P The consistency, the fact that it had no smell were both a plus. Not pricey. But somehow i'm not a gloss fan anymore and i rather wear a lipstick that stays on the lips and doesnt enter ur mouth :))
Hate to feel the taste of it.

L'oreal Blush fondant Accord Parfait - True Rose

When i first took it off the shelf i felt like i was using my doll's items to play with. So cute and shiny, with the little mirror and brush :))
The blush powder is ultrafine, pigmented, buildable, easy to blend. The shade is very feminin and sweet, perfect for light skin. Stays on all day, doesnt change color. Looks sculpting and fresh, natural. It's just perfect.

L'oreal Pen Touche Magique Illuminator - Pink

L'oreal Touche Magique Illuminator
It does cover more than illuminates. Looks more matte than glowy. The shade is nice.
Stays put, 'accepts' foundation on top, it's easy to blend and use.

This pen is useful when u want to sculpt ur face using diferent tones using only this product and ur regular foundation. U just have to be creative with it and find the areas that need a change. U can get amazing results.

L'Oreal Mat Morphose foundation 140 Creamy Natural

If u have insignificant imperfections this is for u...
Light coverage, very similar to Dream Matte Mousse, beautiful shade, non smelly, light and sheer. It doesnt last much, pricey.

It's very nice to touch, easy to use if it matches ur natural tone.

They had to have a mousse foundation in their range...nothing special about it.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Avon SuperMagnify mascara

If u want clean, long lashes, this is the product!
Open it to see the 'wand' before u buy it :)) It's so thin and u might need a magnifier to see the lash separators.
Very clean, easy to use mascara. It does what it says but u wont get Reese' lashes, unless u naturally have them or u use it for fake lashes.
Probably wont but it again...actually i didnt but it anyway, it was a surprise from my hubby ;))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ultra Pearl Mania NYX Eyeshadow and Round Lipstick

Oh, yeah...the most talked about brad, nyx is in my makeup bag :)) I must say they r way too cheap for the quality! They r great! I apply it with a thin elf brush and i have no problems! The most important tip is to be careful at the amount u pick up from the tiny container so u don't get all sparkly-face!
The eyeshadow goes so smoothly and gently and lasts and lastss...I even received compliments.
I have Nude Pearl, Pearl and Lilac Pearl.
I'm very attracted to Grass and Lime, too but i dont know when i'll order these.
I also wanted the famous Round lipstick of nyx and from what i saw online, Thalia and B52 looked like they'd suited me...but...not really. B52 is pretty strong pigmented, Thalia is also, in fact...but the tones are strong...not so natural.
They are creamy and stay long on, easy to apply, the shape is tool-perfect. What i like most, is the fact that they are hypoallergenic, no scent!
Well, i can say i now know what's the rave about and i'm happy i discovered them and i had the inspiration to order them. I will try to find a nice shade of Round lipstick for me and keep 'painting' myself for a fresh summer-y look.

These shades look awesome in photos. But, not on me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HorrorStay 24h

I'm so sad...and disappointed...and hopeless...
I CAN"T BELIEVE that THIS is the new superstay! I got it from someone who went to France and got the Gemey Maybelline version and i don't think it has anything to do with the fact that it sucks bigtime :(
I got 10 Ivory cuz the lightest shades from superstay 16h were more medium shades than light. :( This shade is nice, like i initially noticed. Looks good on my fair skin and looks natural...the colour...the texture...donno what to say about it. I hate it overall, i would never buy it again and i don't recommend it if u want all those promises. Yeah, it does not stay on not even 6 hours on combination skin although u fix it with staying powder. I'm such a kid when it comes to unsuccessful makeup purchases...I really need a good foundation that covers medium to full and is long lasting wholely, not partially, like Max Factor Lasting Performance and other... Even the Visible Lift with serum inside is more long staying than this crappy version of mny superstay and it doesnt mean to. All i can say i look awful even freshly made up cuz it doesnt cover even close to the other superstay and after 4,5 hours i look horrible! I hate it and i hope i can mix it with other foundation and make it go for evening looks or any other short term events. I am sorry to let everybody down but i cant imagine what can change over time and agree with other 'users' of the new Superstay 24h stretch formula. I've been really a big lover of Maybelline makeup products...not anymore.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

MNY Superstay 24 H foundation !!!!!!!!!!!! Ivory 10

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Yessss, i finally got it!! My baby!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for so long, well not that long, for this little fella to come into my makeup bag! :D:D:D:D Me is happy happy happy!
Of course i didn't want this shade but hey, i have a cameleon face :P What can i say i noticed and i'm sure about is the fact that the Ivory shade isnt even similar to the one from the older version of superstay 16h, which is too yellow. I find it well balanced between yellow and pink pigments which is great for my pale skin.
I havent fully tried it yet, cuz i was away and had to go places and only got it since this morning but i will come back with a full review after tomorrow, when hard tests will be submitted and will be carefully inspected in every 'move' it will make >:) So...bbs!

MNY Falsies mascara

Oh crap...doesnt every girl like well defined, even, thick, but not heavy, long lashes? Then whytf dont they make a good mascara for this price? This was such a big disappointment for me...i really have, after 10 years of using mascara daily, high expectations, we're in 2010 for God's sake! It's like the ruby rose mascara i've been using back in 2000! I really hope u don't see the newest mascara from maybelline, 'Falsies' like i do! I am really upset with it, i'm saying it doesnt do what it says it would and i wont buy it ever again! It takes a mere 10 minutes to dry out the first coat and if u dont wait enough it will stick ur lashes like a big black glue! The first time i've used it i had to wipe it off and i swear it hasnt happened to me since 2000, with any other new mascara. Ok, so it does take much time to apply two necessary coats, but dont even be close to tear or cry cuz u'll be having a nightmare! Falsies make ur lashes stick together, run down ur face and ruin everything... I can't believe they've made such a full of promises piece of crap!

Palette Color & Gloss 4-99 Dark Cherry

Okkkayyy, so i though it would look like, although i hoped it wouldnt quite like the girl on the hair dye box :P From my past experience with Palette color&gloss, shade no. 3 which turned out almost black, i said to myself that 4-99 will look pretty dark with purple/violet reflexes. After 4 washes it looks like this, and yes i'm in sunlight.

If u're not sure about one shade from this range of Palette, just do it and count a few tones darker (browns)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

I can say i've used all Clean & Clear range of cleansing gels and i like this one very much. I smells a bit manly, so interesting!
The texture is incredible! A white fluid, but full of small particles that give u the impression they melt along ur face while rubbing it gently. I like everything about it. So soft and so effective. Garnier pure is so harsh comparing it to this one...and it's annoying! After u're done u notice it in ur nostrils, for God's sake! I feel it got to my brain already :)) I barely waited to buy another one! Clean & Clear rules!

ebelin nail polish remover

Sorry for the bad picture...
This is my favourite brand of nail polish removers. The fastest way to clean ur nails and i think its the best feature and something we like about this kind of product. No long rubbings, tons of cotton balls/pads etc. The amount keeps u carefree 2-4 months.
It's not pricey and ebelin comes in a variety of nail laquer removers.

Johnsons baby oil with lavender

Uh, sexy baby! I really felt the need of hydrating my skin since warm weather came. This urge converted to using Jonnsons baby oil and feeling satisfied. :)
It smells great, although i never thought it would, since the main customers are babies. I wanted to but it since i saw the commercial with a mommy using it after the shower. :> which i haven't yet, only on dry skin. Look promising...

What do u think?

Garnier cleansing wipes

Ohh. Since i work a lot and i don't find the time to go and look for my favourite brand of something i need...especially, makeup removers like my sweet Pom Pon wipes, that i love...i've had to try lots of other brands like Elmiplant and garnier...

This pack of wipes lasted more than one month because they suck! And i'm telling u not to buy it because it doesnt wipe off even the lighter foundation. Every night i had a struggle and i pulled my face up and down only cuz of it! So nasty! I don't know if it's the lack of makeup remover from the wipes or something else, but i'm not buying it twice even if they all disappear!

Biggest disappointment in it's category, at least the similar ones come at a third of the price!

alverde - naturkosmetik Eyeshadow - Mauve harmony 34

I've been searching for a while, now for something very similar to this little thingie :) A cool, but coloured eyeshadow that didn't scream 'look at me' and complemented my eyes. It's made of natural ingredients, so what can i say besides 'lucky me '?!:D

The texture is nice, shimmery, soft...just great!
I think this shade looks great on anybody, regardless of the eye colour. I noticed a bunch of other eyeshadows that looked good, also, like beautiful browns, greens, hot violet & mauve, so u have a variety to choose from ;) They come cheap and if it's true what they say about the ingredients, alverde is my new pal :D

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