Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Revlon Concealer with Botafirm - Medium

This concealer got into my attention pretty long time ago and i have to say that playing with it at the makeup couter shoud've been it...but nooo...i had to buy one! Well...i was a bride this year ... so i had to try lots of makeup crap for my 'perfect day'. As u might guess, i didnt wear any revlon, except my lipstick (Blushing mauve 460) that day and many other days since :P It has a common problem with the other makeup products i rated low: the horrifying-yellow tone i dislike so much! Maybe a tanned complexion is enhanced by this concealer...i donno. The texture is soo creamy u'd wanna give it a lick...or stick ur finger deep...or something :P O:) like a lip balm in a can! Very nice... The coverage wasnt great. It gives a glowy/dewy look. If u have a dry skin, medium/olive shade and u like using creamy concealer, give it a go! I always say that it doesnt matter when a dozen women say something (product) is horrible, if that matches my needs, it's great product! So...whats low rated on my blog might be ur wonder makeup thingie. :) My rating: 8

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