Monday, December 28, 2009

Revlon Colorstay Concealer Medium

Revlon Colorstay concealer is a fluid pen concealer with a sponge tip. The mechanism is to twist the end of it and a little bubble of concealer comes up. The tube is ok, it didnt cause me any trouble.
The fluid itself is creamy, not very thick and the shade is yellowish for the Medium/Moyen one. I dont like it very much. It does offer good coverage but not enough for freckles. Despite that fact, i consider it full coverage. The downside of this product is the streaks u get after a while and trust me, they dont look pleasant! Yuck!
If u're not a smiley person or u're going out for a drama play ... it's ok :P
Overall, i wouldnt buy it ever again! Pricey...and doesnt do the trick! My rating: 6,5.

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