Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ovid Schiesser LipGloss - 02

OMG, it shines!!! What L'oreal Glam Shine sticky nasty crap? This is the sh..!! Low price... Such a cool shade with milion sparkles! If u are well rested put this on and nothing else! U'll look great! Very very nice...fascinating! The gloss has a nice smell and it's made in Germany. I discovered it by chance...when i needed a waterproof black eyeliner and the sales woman offered me the gloss with the eyeliner at the price of the gloss...if u understand me 8-} Well, i said yes and went home very pleased...and still am pleased, still have half of it...big amount in a lipgloss container, actually! Here's the site http://www.os-cosmetics.com/products.php/eyeliner_20-_20deep_20black/1/ where u can see the eyeliner, too.
Rating: 10!

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