Thursday, December 31, 2009

Keep what makes u happy! Keep ur passion!
Let the New Year come and find u pretty as u never been before, healthy and glowy, enjoy ur age and see the bright side in everything...that's the true happiness!
On 2010, i hope we'll have what to review on and discover what's great for us :)
Happy New Year, makeup junkies!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ovid Schiesser LipGloss - 02

OMG, it shines!!! What L'oreal Glam Shine sticky nasty crap? This is the sh..!! Low price... Such a cool shade with milion sparkles! If u are well rested put this on and nothing else! U'll look great! Very very nice...fascinating! The gloss has a nice smell and it's made in Germany. I discovered it by chance...when i needed a waterproof black eyeliner and the sales woman offered me the gloss with the eyeliner at the price of the gloss...if u understand me 8-} Well, i said yes and went home very pleased...and still am pleased, still have half of it...big amount in a lipgloss container, actually! Here's the site where u can see the eyeliner, too.
Rating: 10!

Revlon Concealer with Botafirm - Medium

This concealer got into my attention pretty long time ago and i have to say that playing with it at the makeup couter shoud've been it...but nooo...i had to buy one! Well...i was a bride this year ... so i had to try lots of makeup crap for my 'perfect day'. As u might guess, i didnt wear any revlon, except my lipstick (Blushing mauve 460) that day and many other days since :P It has a common problem with the other makeup products i rated low: the horrifying-yellow tone i dislike so much! Maybe a tanned complexion is enhanced by this concealer...i donno. The texture is soo creamy u'd wanna give it a lick...or stick ur finger deep...or something :P O:) like a lip balm in a can! Very nice... The coverage wasnt great. It gives a glowy/dewy look. If u have a dry skin, medium/olive shade and u like using creamy concealer, give it a go! I always say that it doesnt matter when a dozen women say something (product) is horrible, if that matches my needs, it's great product! So...whats low rated on my blog might be ur wonder makeup thingie. :) My rating: 8

Max Factor eyeshadow - Earth Spirits - Olive Leaf

From MAX's Earth Spirits range of eyeshadows, i picked this one. It has a matte finish, perfect for contouring the eyes, adding much effect on the look. The little pots look like they dont contain much, but it's actually more than enough eyeshadow in it. It lasts on. I would recommend it and would buy another shade from this collection. Rating: 10.

Revlon Pearl Cappuccino lipstick

Although it looks rosey in the picture, it is the perfect shade to point out the eyes and a tanned, glowy face (even if u're not bronze). The texture is nice feeling, non-drying, not too creamy and a little sheer. Has no particular smell. It persists 2,3 hours depending on what are u doin` with ur lips :P idea, cuz it depends on what u're lookin for.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sephora no. 11 eyeshadow

This is the weirdest eyeshadow i've tried. I bought it 'on sale' at the cashier's counter and it looks like a natural shade, light beige, perfect for nude makeup. But nope! It isnt!
The second i put it on turns yellow/ocre! And didnt expire :P
Overall, nice texture, no applicator, i use a brush.
Rating: 7-10 :)))

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder with minerals - transparent

I needed a cheap powder for fixing my foundation cuz i havent bought one since spring, when i dared to pay for Accord Parfait Mineral Powder-translucide.
Anddd...surprise! Total surprise! It's great!!! I can even compare it too the 'diva powder' one i mentioned before >:) Yeah! I think it looks better, it's even smoother and blends in the makeup shade perfectly like an infiltrated spy :) So nice! I love it! Good sebum absorbant...what else can u ask for 4 euros/ 5 bucks?
My rating goes 10 again!

Ja-de concealer no. 3

Aw, this is perfect for tired skin with minor fatigue signs, dark circles or how u like to call them. I wouldnt use it on any other type of skin, cuz it doesnt stick on very well. It's smooth and light difusing. Very nice shade. Not pricey and nice, elegant packaging. Be careful with the presure, mine broke from the base. It was summertime, maybe the heat had something to do with it. For glowy, radiant and natural look...get Ga-de/Ja-de concealer. Maybe u can tell me for sure the correct name of this brand :) Thanks!
My rating: 9!

Manhattan concealer #3

The Lady manhattan concealer is a stick with a proper consistency, acceptable shade range and price, which covers almost everything. Has a nice smell. The coverage isnt amazing. I would recommend it to fair skins with minor imperfections. #3 is still light and the darkest shade of the range. My rating: 8,5!

Manhattan monos : Champagne, Mocca, Peach/Beige

Mmmmh...the perfect eyeshadows for me. They are so cool!
The little applicator is curved, the spongey side lasts very long, doesnt come off the stick and it's very handy. The eyeshadow has a nice glow/glitter, not too obvious and difuses nice sparkles and different micro-shades depending on the light. So fascinating...
My fav is Mocca. Such a nice brown/beige! Beige named shade is actually peach colour, perfect for green eyes. Champagne one ... i dont love it that reason! Maybe it's not working well with my colors and tones. On someone else might look great, cuz their consistency is great, doesnt look powdery, doesnt go off with the wind, sticks well on foundation/eye makeup base, lasts and lasts...have good pigments, too!
What else can i mention...donno. My rating: 10!

Revlon Colorstay Concealer Medium

Revlon Colorstay concealer is a fluid pen concealer with a sponge tip. The mechanism is to twist the end of it and a little bubble of concealer comes up. The tube is ok, it didnt cause me any trouble.
The fluid itself is creamy, not very thick and the shade is yellowish for the Medium/Moyen one. I dont like it very much. It does offer good coverage but not enough for freckles. Despite that fact, i consider it full coverage. The downside of this product is the streaks u get after a while and trust me, they dont look pleasant! Yuck!
If u're not a smiley person or u're going out for a drama play ... it's ok :P
Overall, i wouldnt buy it ever again! Pricey...and doesnt do the trick! My rating: 6,5.

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