Monday, November 02, 2009

Sephora brand hydrating lipstick

It also says on the label inside Lip Atitude Glamour.
It's creamy, smooth, grape flavoured, doesn't last more than 1, 1 1/2 h,(doesn't promises to, hydrates ur lips and it's not expensive.
My rating : 9.

Bourjois Ombre a paupieres/Eyeshadow Beige Rose

I really don't know what to think about this eyeshadow, which isn't made by a 'sad' brand (and beside the fact i have the tester) it doesn't really impress me. It's a stiff 'bomb' and when u scrap a bit of dust off and put it on is a sheer sparkle over ur eyelid, not rosey, not beige but golden! It is soft, undetectable but has a nice glow effect. If it isn't the same with the real product which hasn't been open since, probably...forever :P i'm sorry and i will come back on it when i'll have the money to buy it! I don't know the price anyway :))
My rating is...(leaving out the fact it might not be what u want or what seems to be at 1st glance) 9,5.

Crazy Priorities Blush #600 Rose by Sephora

Crazy blusher indeed. If that's a 'rose' shade, i'm a pig! It's not doll like pink or clowny pink, but neither a rose pink! It's in between and u have to try it for yourself! It also has glitter particles but they're golden, not silver, which offers a warm tone to ur foundation. The texture isn't very soft but it's acceptable. My rating: 8,9.

Ja-de compact sparkly blush #30

This blush was my choice for radiant cheeks which i aimed for and it succeeded in pleasing me. The shade is a soft pink and peachy in some amount, it has fine particles of glitter and pigment, has no bad smell and slides easily with a blush brush :P In my opinion, after putting this on, u don't need highlighter anymore, cuz it does provide it in any light, natural or artificial.
My rating is 9,9. I would recommend it for day wear and night makeup if u have a pale complexion.

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