Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonder Lash Mascara from Oriflame !

The best mascara with the best brush and composition ever! I love this mascara because it has a tiny comb instead of a regular brush, it transforms ur lashes to gianormous lashes, even the shortest and dull ones, from the 1st stroke!!! Watch out with it, though, cuz u might hurt ur eye, out of excitement :P
It lasts and lasts, without 'crumbling'. It isn't waterproof, so don't weep!
My rating is...10!
P.S. I'm not an Oriflame sales person, neither brands, actually!


  1. Just bought it for the first time :D I tried it around the house, it really does make lashes longer (even my bf noticed that)

  2. It smudges...........

  3. Oh...didnt happen, only with bad foundation that takes a lot to dry on.


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