Monday, October 19, 2009

Superstay Silky MNY

This is my personal favourite foundation i found after almost 9 years of using this kind of beauty product.
It is the best foundation of its price range and the best coverage i ever got from a liquid/cream foundation. Superstay silky lives up to its promises, 16 hrs of impecable complexion. I even used it on my wedding day and i would use it every time i need to look great and heat and perspiration are present.
The texture is thick but not too thick, it is hypoallergenic, long lasting, the shades are great, although they could add extra shades for lighter complexions.
The only thing i don't like about this foundation is the packaging. The pump dispenser is tricky after a while and i often confront with too much white part coming out and the coloured one...not. But i don't care about this as long as it makes me look my best.
My rating is 9,9!

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