Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid

Texture: Air-whipped fluid, light-weighted, nice to touch.
Coverage: Poor. Doesn`t cover light coloured freckles or pink spots very well. I tried adding concealer, it wouldn't blend with Lady Manhattan's cover stick, for example. (onto or under, neither way)
Color Range: I tried out the Nude shade and it's terrible yellow, unfortunately. Maybe other shades from this range are more 'realistic' and 'human-looking'.
Smell: No perfume.
Long-lasting: Not. 3-5 hours. Not suitable for combination/oily skin at all! It does take off easily.
Overall rating (out of 10): From my experience, i can't give it a grade higher than 6.
Make'up tip: To give it a chance, i tried a dab of Affinitone - Creamy beige shade, on the areas that need extra coverage, meaning, under my eye area and center of forehead. It does give a plus to the look, kinda illuminating the face. Try it and give me a shout about it!


  1. HA! I tried a sample and felt the same way as you did! And then i say girls 'on a budget" were kinda raving about it. It's good to see that someone olse feels the same way.
    Reaaaaally happy about all these affordable foundation reviews :D

  2. And i am even happier to 'hear' this, because i felt like a weirdo since everygirl who has a makeup blog has only high-end brands reviews and i have...these :( Well, i'm glad! Multumesc, Adina! I promise to continue with this kind of brands, unless i win the lottery :))


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