Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reviews to follow on my blog this month

This month I'll post my personal reviews about:
(after i'll take pictures of them)

Sephora Crazy Priorities blush shade no. 600 Rose
Rainbow Priorities - Autumn Gold no. 711
Ja-de/Ga-de blush no. 30

Ja-de Shine&Glide lipstick no.503
Ovid Schiesser Cosmetics Lipgloss
Revlon Cappuccino Pearl #353 Lipstick
Sephora Lip Atitude Glamour - Mauve

Manhattan monos : Champagne, Mocca, Peach
Manhattan duo: Brown Harmony
Sephora colorful no. 11
Seventeen mono no. 240 Lilac
Bourjois #08 Beige Rose

Revlon Colorstay Concealer Medium
Ja-de concealer no. 3
Dream Matte Mousse Concealer Rose Beige
Manhattan concealer #3

...and many more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Astor AntiStress & Lift liquid foundation

This foundation is recommended to mature skin and i agree. I used it for a while, like 4 months and my chin got breakouts! I usually don't get nasty 'creatures' on my face, but "lifting" makeup provides me the 'joy'.
The coverage isn't great, but i got a really nice result by combining it with another foundation. I'll tell you when i get to my 'Tip' line, below.
Astor AntiStress & Lift has a strong scent, i, personally, wasn't bothered by it and the pump of the container works very well until the last push.
It can easily be taken off ur face if u ... let's say, kiss and i was diappointed by that fact. Because it's a lifting foundation, it gives a nice glow and u can't fix it with translucide powder simply, because it cancels the radiance.
And now, the tip for a great look with this Anti Stress and Lift makeup:
For extra coverage and super effect, dab a bit of Dream Matte Mousse Foundation from Maybelline NY, (for example Astor's shade no. 300 and Dream Matte Mousse shade 'nude' worked very well on me) under your eye area and center of forehead. This way u'll get a diva look, the combination is extraordinary and you have to try it to see it for yourself!
My rating: itself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonder Lash Mascara from Oriflame !

The best mascara with the best brush and composition ever! I love this mascara because it has a tiny comb instead of a regular brush, it transforms ur lashes to gianormous lashes, even the shortest and dull ones, from the 1st stroke!!! Watch out with it, though, cuz u might hurt ur eye, out of excitement :P
It lasts and lasts, without 'crumbling'. It isn't waterproof, so don't weep!
My rating is...10!
P.S. I'm not an Oriflame sales person, neither brands, actually!

Stiletto Lash Mascara Maybelline NY

The new mascara from Maybelline NY, Stiletto Lash is an ordinary mascara, kinda fluid, too much product comes out for one pull and after it dries up on lashes starts to flicker on the face, which is a major inconvenience. I really hate this in all mascaras. So, even if u like one coat or two, this doesn't do the trick!
The brush is ok, thin and long. If u occasionally drop a tear or two, watch out cuz it runs off so easily, unlike the black, chubby, 5x one (express turbo - u can cry ur brain out with this on)!
My rating for Stiletto Lash is 8!

L'oreal Visible Lift with Serum Inside foundation

Although this is a foundation recommended to mature skin, i used it after a while when my skin looked tired and i felt the need to illuminate my face.
I tried the 'Nude Beige' shade, very nice balanced, not too yellow, not too pink, very fluid, still, offering good coverage, with specific chemical smell and the result was a natural, a little glowy to radiant complexion. I used it during summer and it was long lasting, but not sweat resistant.
The disadvantage i can mention is the price, but the bottle contains pretty much foundation u can use 2-3 months. (with large amounts/use, including neck etc.)
My rating: 9,5!

Monday, October 19, 2009

L'oreal Infaillible

L'oreal Infaillible c'est faillible big time! After only 4 hours my skin is shiny and streaks show up around my nose. The pores look larger, too.
The smell is pretty powerful, but it's not a bad one.
The texture is thick when u pump it, thick on the face and that's not complementing any complexion. The colours aren't that realistic and i think only dry skin should wear it.
My rating: 7,8!

Revlon Colorstay with Softflex liquid foundation

This foundation was another disappoinment because it gaved me an unpleasant feeling while i was wearing it, like my face was too tight, although initially, i've bought the Revlon Colorstay - combination/oily, which is my skin type and switched it the next day for the Revlon Colorstay - normal/dry skin (same sh*t). Another thing i didn't like was the fact that it didn't come off easily with cleansing towels, which never happened to me with any other foundation.
The big plus i noticed was the natural looking shades, the best pigments i ever saw in a foundation, that don't fade out.
It is long lasting, indeed, but i don't consider it a 'full coverage' foundation.
My rating: 8

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

I am not mad about wearing lipstick but when i needed a good one, i looked over the internet, read a bit about some brands and made a decision: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick!
It comes in a great variety of shades and like they say, one is for you! (at least one)
It lasts 1-3 h, gives comfort to your lips, doesn't dry them out and has no smell.
My shade is Blushing Mauve, No. 460 and my rating -> 9!

Superstay Silky MNY

This is my personal favourite foundation i found after almost 9 years of using this kind of beauty product.
It is the best foundation of its price range and the best coverage i ever got from a liquid/cream foundation. Superstay silky lives up to its promises, 16 hrs of impecable complexion. I even used it on my wedding day and i would use it every time i need to look great and heat and perspiration are present.
The texture is thick but not too thick, it is hypoallergenic, long lasting, the shades are great, although they could add extra shades for lighter complexions.
The only thing i don't like about this foundation is the packaging. The pump dispenser is tricky after a while and i often confront with too much white part coming out and the coloured one...not. But i don't care about this as long as it makes me look my best.
My rating is 9,9!

Lady Manhattan Compact 2in1

This was my 1st experience with compact, 2in1 foundation, cream/powder stuff and i have to say that it was a good one. I don't know if i liked it because i bought it during my 2nd visit to Germany, but it does have some pluses like:
-the packaging - it comes with a mirror and a sponge and some love this way of application
-the texture is stiff at first, but melts at the simple contact with the face giving good coverage
-no smell/strong perfume, unlike other Manhattan products.
Disadvantages i found:
-the low amount of product in the case
-the price
-the colour range, only 3 shades
Other mentions: it does contain light difusing particules, which is very nice cuz it gives a nice, subtle glow.

Lasting Finish by Rimmel

Although this is the older version, i thought maybe it's the same content or somewhere it still sells under this image.
I had the "pale biscuit" shade, very pink looking, very long lasting, it had a nice scent and a thick composition.
Retouch wasn't possible if u needed it on some areas of your face, but a translucent veil of powder should cover this inconvenience.
My rating is 8.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Affinitone is maybe the cheapest new foundation from Maybelline NY and due to that i have tried almost all the shades: Golden Beige, Rose Beige, Vanilla Rose, Creamy beige, Light Sandbeige, Natural Rose(or 18-beautiful shade) and guess what: none of them suited my skin shade. Well, i am not surprised, because my skin is hard to match, but it promises to find a shade for every skin tone.
The coverage is medium, it doesn't last more than 5 hours, it is natural-looking, it has no powerful smell and my rating is 7.(if u don't have much money to spend on a foundation or you don't have special needs, it might be an 8/9) .

Superfit Clinique Foundation

This foundation was a good surprise to me. Hypoallergenic, full-coverage, nice shade and pretty long lasting. Actually, i wore it on one of the most important events of my life so far and didn't fail me. So, despite the price, it has no disadvantages.
My rating: 9,5 out of 10.

L'oreal Accord Parfait Liquid Foundation

Texture: very fluid, powdery after a few secs.
Coverage: very good, matte looking.
Smell: none.
Long-lasting: yes, about 6-8 hours on combination skin and heat.
Retouching: not possible, it smudges awfully and uneven.
One thing worth mentioning is that, when i put it on, a burning sensation gets my eyes and then goes away after a ~20 seconds. Pretty hard to accept from a L'oreal foundation.
Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Max Factor Miracle Touch

This foundation is another disappointment to me. It has a very nice texture, i almost loved putting it on, but after a few minutes it starts to look horrible. I got streaks under my eyes, around my nose and i couldn't detect any 'glow' to my new look. The coverage is almost full, the shades are nice, but the staying power and the look u get after a few hours are the downsides of this foundation. It may be good on dry skin. My overall rating -> 6,5 out of 10.
Unfortunately, i don't have any makeup tip to make this a better-wearable product.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid

Texture: Air-whipped fluid, light-weighted, nice to touch.
Coverage: Poor. Doesn`t cover light coloured freckles or pink spots very well. I tried adding concealer, it wouldn't blend with Lady Manhattan's cover stick, for example. (onto or under, neither way)
Color Range: I tried out the Nude shade and it's terrible yellow, unfortunately. Maybe other shades from this range are more 'realistic' and 'human-looking'.
Smell: No perfume.
Long-lasting: Not. 3-5 hours. Not suitable for combination/oily skin at all! It does take off easily.
Overall rating (out of 10): From my experience, i can't give it a grade higher than 6.
Make'up tip: To give it a chance, i tried a dab of Affinitone - Creamy beige shade, on the areas that need extra coverage, meaning, under my eye area and center of forehead. It does give a plus to the look, kinda illuminating the face. Try it and give me a shout about it!

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