Monday, November 04, 2013

Mascara One by One - Brown

De cand mi-am schimbat culoarea parului sunt si mai tentata de culoarea maro si uite asa am ales mascara One by One - brown ca sa experimentez. Am prins-o si la oferta de -25% asa ca mi-a cazut foarte bine :) Tin minte ca era sa o mai cumpar o data mai demult, insa casiera de la dm m-a intrebat daca am intentionat sa o cumpar in varianta maro (eram bruneta atunci), iar vigilenta ei m-a facut sa spun nu si sa o schimb cu una clasica - black. Am apreciat faptul ca a verificat cu mine alegerea.

Iata niste fotografii cu genele mele 'maro' :)

Nu mi se pare a fi o mare diferenta intre cea neagra si asta, o observ doar in unele fotografii si pot sa spun ca imi place efectul, mai ales ca ochii mei sunt bicolori si greu scot verdele in evidenta. :)

Sper ca e de ajutor,
Sa aveti o zi frumoasa!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Experienta mea cu henna

 Asa arata parul meu abuzat de chimicale (foto cu blit). Vopsit. Decolorat. Vopsit. Iar si iar.
In ultimul a fost vopsit negru, roscat, blond, saten, iar negru, apoi iar l-am decolorat pana la satenul care se vede in fotografii.

Pentru ca sunt ingrijorata atat de caderea parului cat si de efectele nocive pe care le poate avea vopseaua asupra parului am decis sa incerc henna. Henna simpla, fara alte plante sau adaosuri.
Desigur, ma consider norocoasa ca imi convine nuanta de roscat aramiu pe care o da aceasta planta si deasemenea, culoarea mea de cand eram copil este asemanatoare. Cred ca mi se potriveste prea bine ca sa nu fi incercat.
 Dupa multa documentare pe internet, am ales Henna mandala, pe care am comandat-o de aici
 Am preparat-o cu zeama de la aproape un kg de lamai si nu cu apa calda, apoi am lasat-o peste noapte. Am ales sa nu respect instructiunile pentru ca am dorit un efect intens si am fost hotarata in privinta culorii.
 Imi pare rau, nu am fost in stare sa observ ca nu focalizase obiectivul, eram prea entuziasmata, cred. :)
 Manusile care au insotit henna mi-au venit perfect. Mi-am infasurat si niste folie alimentara pe antebrate, ca stiu in ce hal ma pot desfasura si nu am avut chef sa ma streseze petele ulterioare.
 Aplicatul a fost o relaxare, sincera sa fiu. Spre deosebire de vopseaua chimica, henna nu trebuie aplicata 'imediat' si am fost meticuloasa, cu fiecare suvita. Cele 100g mi-au ajuns mai mult decat suficient. Mi-am spalat parul inainte, asa cum se cere. Mirosul nu m-a deranjat deloc. Chiar miroase natural, imi aminteste de praful de orz verde (supliment alimentar)
 Am asteptat 4 ore, acoperita cu o casca de dus, care a venit impreuna cu henna. Nu am mazgalit nimic in jur, chiar daca am pus brosuri de kaufland pe jos in baie :) Inainte sa ma spal, dupa cele 4 ore, henna era intarita pe alocuri, dar nu a fost greu de curatat din par. Am folosit doar apa.
Iar rezultatul...
 un aramiu, exact asa cum trebuia sa iasa, dupa parerea mea. Se zice ca in 48 h culoarea se mai modifica, asa ca o sa revin cu fotografii, vineri.
Mie mi se pare o culoare atat de naturala, parca nici nu as fi vopsita, ci par ca as fi o roscata veritabila. :) Parul miroase a frunze uscate, dar pana vineri nu mor. Voi reveni cu fotografii!
Vineri, dupa 48h:
 (foto cu blit)
 (foto cu telefonul)
Sincer nu prea imi dau seama cum s-a modificat culoarea in aceste 2 zile, in care nu l-am spalat, nu l-am coafat...parca e mai deschisa, o idee?! Oricum e, imi place mult si ma gandesc sa combin data viitoare jumatate aramiu si jumatate rosu. Voi reveni cu alta postare legata de evolutia culorii mele cu henna, cu care presimt ca voi avea o relatie de lunga durata! :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog change

I've started this blog 4 years ago after becoming unemployed and after realizing how important are the make-up reviews for me. All the reviews i was finding at that time were written in english and i wasn't aware of any romanian bloggers, so i started to write in english, too (i was lacking practice, anyway and most romanians learn english in school).

Now, i am unemployed again and i know lots of successful romanian bloggers and i am going to write the future posts in my 'mother-tongue' :) in romanian, that is! As long as Google provides the 'translate' function...i can't see it as a disadvantage, anymore.

Thank you all, for following me, for reading my reviews, i really hope it was helpful, wherever you're from and whatever language you speak.

The stats at this moment,  look like this:
United States
United Kingdom
Turkey           14

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Henna or not?

I seem to be in constant conflict with my hair color and i miss so much that copper brown i had last year, which i ruined by mistake, of course, by choosing a wrong hair dye (too dark). *Sigh*... I had such a pretty long and shiny hair and i am so upset with myself for ruining it. I can't manage to grow it back ever since....

They say you look best with your natural color... and my natural color, as a child, was chestnut brown. Since i've read an article about formaldehyde being carcinogen, i can't stand the idea of ever dyeing my hair again (since the hair colors contain formaldehyde) and i'm considering Henna as a future option...although now i had in plan, before knowing about formaldehyde, to let it grow and stop the coloring for a while. Red, copper, auburn, whatever it might turn out on my hair, henna has other pros, also, and i think i will do it, sometimes next month or so, because i hate how blunt and washed out i look :) I want to keep things simple in the future, like using less make-up, somehow, i haven't figured it out, yet...but i know it's a start...for more spare time, for less money spent, for a more natural version of me. Since i was 16 i never left the house without make-up and in a couple of months from now i'll be 29 and i am starting to feel a little tired from all the work that i need in the morning. I'd rather spend half an hour from that hour i need for putting make-up on doing something else, for a change. I hate the fact that i got used to wearing a full face of make-up and i can't feel like i'm pulling off that 'natural no makeup look'. All or nothing. I can't seem to face well half measures. Damn...i really poured my soul out here, haven't i? Sorry... This post was meant for informing you about the bad thing in the hair dyes and how nature provided alternatives for some of us. I'll be back with the Henna experiment post, soon ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed as i won't turn out looking like Pumukli's sister or something :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation - 150 nude

I bought this because i felt like my skin was a bit abused by the long hours with the colorstay and since i've read some good reviews and the price was friendlier i gave it a go.
I normally would've gone for a shade lighter, but shell was way off and vanilla isn't to find around here.
It's been a love-hate relationship and i've managed to empty half of the bottle since.
There is something i like about it that makes me use it again and again, on and off.
Let's start with the shade. Nude and no 150 is confusing when joined together, but the name is the true hint, believe me. I use 180 for combo and it's more 'coloured', even a bit orange on me. Let's say it felt good after looking greyish from the sand beige for a long time.
The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply, even layer if you like, but only in the first 5 minutes, afterwards, it will only erase the first layer that got to dry.
The staying power is ok for a non-long-lasting-dedicated foundation and using powder can work for combination skin, also. It works for me, at least.
The finish is satiny, radiant and i don't like it to leave it that way and i use powder every time, but in my opinion it needs a concealer in the range. I can't use it alone under my eyes and i feel like it shifts a bit (i don't use powder under my eyes to set the foundation - it accentuates my circles, but in the pictures below i did!)
The coverage is medium and it does not smell.
Overall, i don't think i'll buy it again, because of the shades and because it needs a suitable concealer (Affinitone 02 is too pink and 03 too dark for 150 nude)

Pictures taken in sunlight look very good, too good, i'd say and i had to add some earlier pictures in natural light (morning, same day) with flash and without. Yes, it's the same shade - Nude 150.

Aura high pearled blusher - 545 amareto

I apologize for the yucky images, it has been for months now, in my make-up bag.

I discovered this brand i previously talked about in another post (Aura lipstick, that was) and i know it's not accessible anywhere, since it's a Serbian brand. I live in the west of Romania and i can find it in dm stores around here.
After buying the lipstick and the nailpolish, which i was super pleased by, i wanted to search some reviews of other Aura products and i found so few, most of them in languages i needed translation from.
Getting back to my subject, this blush is so smooth and satiny, has no smell and it comes with a good price. There are more shades, but i chose this for contouring purposes, to be honest. And it does a great job, in my opinion. The sparkles are only visible in the sun and otherwise it just looks smooth and natural.
I like to use it as eyeshadow, also, as you can probably notice in the pic above, makes my eye color stand out more. :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lighten me, God!

Yes. I did lighten up my hair again. After swearing i won't ever again...or at least this year.
I got so sick of my dark brown hair that i couldn't stand it anymore and i had to do it. hair was like this:

I bought this:
...which promises to lighten up to 8 shades!!!
Since all browns you can find in a drugstore are red-based, the result was this:
I didn't want to stay 25-30 min, so i washed it off after 20 minutes.
The color i thought would work and like:
Dark blonde. Since Casting Creme Gloss is ammonia free and a semi-permanent dye i thought this would turn medium brown with neutral-golden tones. I was wrong again. They just don't get any color right, really. I have tried before other shades and they were all tons darker than they're suppose to and red toned. So was this one.
The final result:

Yes, it is the same color, but one was made at 1 p.m. when the weather was cloudy and i needed the flash and the first picture from above was taken at 5 p.m. when it was sunny.
I can say i am red-brown for i don't know how long, really :( I hate it.
After lightening my hair so many times i can say it's not possible to get a natural light brown hair, blonde based, with no green tones with drugstore dyes/at home! Go to a stylist. ;)

Later edit:

Hair after 1 wash:

The light and the camera makes the color look so alive and beautiful, but in reality it was dull, orange and uneven.
Because i wasn't liking the brown on me anymore, i decided to go for Syoss Light Brown 5-1. The basic one. I stood in front of the hair dye counter for minutes and minutes and i couldn't decide, i was trying to remember which of the dyes are really long lasting, which turn dark, which are true and which are the best for my case (cover the brown but does not turn really dark). I was tempted to go for Oleo intense Gold brown but the number of the shade made me not to choose it since it was in the 4 range and i thought it would get to dark for my wish and that made my choice easy, it should've been a 5 hair color number, so syoss light brown it was:
 I couldn't be happier with the result. In natural light, no sun involved, it is a medium cool brown. In the sun is even more pretty :) I think it did an amazing job on top of that chestnut orange color i had!
The golden pigment shines so beautifully and gives such shine in the indoor lighting. I love it.

 The hair is affected a great deal, but in a few weeks it will look better.
 What i learned from this is that L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss is a sheer/gentle hair dye, meant to boost a natural color, to add shine and to make color changing easy.

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